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Every year hundreds of dogs and cats die from chemical flea and tick repellents. Bad reactions to these chemical drugs for animals have doubled to over 40,000 complaints since 2008. There are numerous ways naturally to prevent fleas and ticks from invading your home and attacking your animals. You need to combine preparing your animals and your home.

Natural Bath

To get rid of fleas that have already infested them you can bathe your pet in orange oil. This is only safe diluted in bath water, but never safe to pour directly on your pet.  You can also make a homemade flea collar which is made of natural herbs. These herbs can be a combination of Eucalyptus, sage and citronella oils.

Brewer’s Yeast

Vitamins can be the ultimate break through to stop fleas from attacking your pet. A specific vitamin not just a multivitamin should be the focus. B-complex is that vitamin which can be attained through Brewer’s Yeast.  Fleas and ticks hate the smell of this and will not hop on your pet if you use this vitamin on a regular basis. It is not harmful to your pet and cannot be overdosed. It is very safe for cats and dogs. Another way to keep ticks from your dog is add garlic to their meal, just a few slivers from a clove. This is only for dogs as garlic is toxic for cats.


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Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth will kill any bug that comes in contact with it. It is a good idea to sprinkle this at the entrance to your doorways and on the border of your door steps. It is safe for children and pets.

Natural Herbal Cleaner pellets

Fleas can come into our homes on our clothes and shoes. When vacuuming there are natural flea pellets that you can buy in pet stores that you place in your vacuum cleaner and it kills them while you vacuum.  These pellets are an herbal blend.

Strategically placing repellant plants

Wormwood is a bitter herb which repels insects and even mice. It has a very strong odor. Planting this around your yard will keep those fleas away from your yard. Most of these are very strong scented kinds of plants which will not only repel fleas but many other types of insects.

Lavender is an excellent deterrent for fleas although this is a plant that will take a few years to completely root. Lemon grass is a great repellant but should not be put around paths as it can irritate the skin.

There are many other plants, herbs and flowers that will repel fleas and other insects as well. Some of them are Tansy, peppermint, rosemary, and Eucalyptus.


Let the birds help

Birds eat a lot of bugs. So it seems just a natural way to keep the bug count down. Placing bird feeders and a bird bath in strategic places in your yard can benefit you and your pets. You can also throw the seed on the ground which will encourage the birds to also eat the bugs including ticks. If you have a pool, place the feeders away from the pool area and cover the pool when not in use.


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