Natural fragrance oils - Buy Cheap aromatherapy oil on sale

If you love infusing the scent of flowers to everyday activities like bathing and washing up, massages or merely lounging around, then you'll certainly love natural fragrance oils. These are essential plant oils diluted in base oils, creating a water-soluble solution that's safe for use on the skin. They may also be made up of certain herbal plant parts such as roots, leaves and flowers.


The most popular use of these natural fragrance oils is in aromatherapy. As the name implies, the fragrance of these oils play a vital role in relieving minor ailments like indigestion and migraine, and can also be used as antiseptic for wounds.

Another well-known purpose natural fragrance oils serve in aromatherapy is stress relief. After a stressful, exhausting day, you can turn to the diverse scents of natural fragrance oils and feel your exhaustion vanish, reenergizing your being. Muscle cramps, bruises, stiff joints and strains are also alleviated with natural fragrance oils. Just apply diluted natural fragrance oils to your aching temple for headaches, or massage on sore spots.

You may also want to use natural fragrance oils to help maintain beauty. For instance, signs of aging, blemishes and other unsightly marks can be treated with an infusion of natural fragrance oils to your daily bath. Dull, listless skin can be rejuvenated, giving it back its radiance and youth through natural fragrance oils.

Aromatherapy through natural fragrance oils is also known for its effects to the mind, enhancing concentration and memory, making it an essential option for those with academic careers like teachers, professors and students alike. The usage of peppermint essential oil in aromatherapy is famous for sharpening the senses and clearing the mind, allowing the user to focus more. For instance, you may take a whiff of peppermint before exams and while studying for better retention of study lessons.

Perhaps the most well-known application of natural fragrance oils in aromatherapy is blending them in bath water for your everyday cleansing experience with a very fragrant, sweet twist. You may soak in and enjoy your bath, and get the benefits of natural fragrance oils as you feel your body absorbing the effects of natural fragrance oils, and gradually get better as a whole.

Other uses

Natural fragrance oils are also very apparent in cooking, where they are used for their enticing aromas. A very trendy choice is essential oil of vanilla, which when added to pastries and other kinds of food enhance the scent with its delicate, fresh fragrance. And not too differently, the addition of natural fragrance oils is crucial in the art of perfumery. Ever notice a subtle touch of rose, chamomile or lavender in your perfume, cologne or shampoo? These are due to natural fragrance oils doing their work. Even in cosmetics, natural fragrance oils are present in the form of scented foundation and other types of makeup.

Why would I want products with natural fragrance oils?

First up, products such as makeup, food flavoring, medicine, perfumes and soap with natural fragrance oils are guaranteed to contain the properties of the plant derivatives of these oils. While these products may be synthetic for the most part, they are better than other products with no natural, plant-derived active components at all.

How do natural fragrance oils work?

For the most part, natural fragrance oils rely on the properties contained by their plant derivatives. In aromatherapy, the nutrients carried by these oils, called aromatic molecules are absorbed through the nose. There, the molecules interact with the surface on the nasal cavity. The aromatic molecules are then transferred to a part of the brain called the limbic system, which controls the endocrine and nervous systems. The brain then transmits these aromatic molecules to the endocrine system, which controls the release of hormones that move around the body through the bloodstream, and the nervous system, which is basically the body's communication line.

As for topical usage, the molecules in natural fragrance oils are absorbed through pores in the skin, then circulated throughout the body through the bloodstream.

Where can I get natural fragrance oils?

You can buy natural fragrance oils in bottles online or in botanical shops, pharmaceuticals, beauty-care and other health-care stores. The prices range from $3.50 to $10.50.

Can I make my own natural fragrance oils?

You can. You'll need a small bottle with a stopper/cap. Just add 1/3rd cup of base oil, such as grapeseed oil into a beaker. Next, add one or two drops of your choice plant-derived essential oil into the base oil. Then pour the mixture into the bottle and keep it in a cool, dark place for 48 hours.

Natural fragrance oils are very versatile beauty and health products. So if you want to keep yourself looking and feeling great, these will be excellent additions to your medicine chests, beauty kits, and daily lives.