Natural gas standby generators are great for both residential and commercial use. It's capability to detect power outage and automatically function without any need of control is very useful especially if the unit is in need of uninterrupted electric supply.

Standby generators are also suitable for long term use compared to portable generators which are not that capable of working during long periods.

Certain precautions are also needed to ensure your safety while using natural gas standby generators since they also impose risks that become greater once mishandling is done and regular check-ups and maintenance are not done.

Most natural gas standby generators hold more fuel compared to portable generators since standby generators are placed on a permanent place where it can function for the unit. Having more fuel capacity means longer periods of use and the generator can function for a relatively longer period compared to portable standby generators.

Compared to generators which makes of use of other types of fuels, natural gas is a bit more expensive yet it can be stored for long periods without it getting lessened. Also, if there are natural gas providers, near your area, it will become easily accessible and the generator will definitely function well as a standby generator.

The cost of a natural gas standby generator actually depends on its capacity, its features, and its performance. Expensive standby generators are usually used by industrial units and these generators can function for a long time since they commonly have a cooling feature that will prevent the machine from overheating.

Natural gas standby generators for residential units on the other hand, can have less capacity or added features since there are fewer appliances in a household that would need some backup power from a generator.

An average residential unit which has a 4-ton central air conditioner would already function with a 12 - 14 kW generator.

Though standby natural gas generator reviews show models available in the market all comply with the emission regulations set by the government, it is still advised to choose natural gas or propane standby generators that have low emissions compared to other generators and natural gas standby generators would definitely be one of your choices when choosing one.