Natural Gifts


There is nothing more beautiful and sometimes fragrant as well, as a natural gift whether it's an herbal gift or a gift which is made from a natural item. If you are looking for some new gift ideas that you can make yourself, you have come to the right place. Here are a variety of ideas, some simple and some a little bit harder to make.



Sachets are great for stocking stuffers. Whether you dry your own potpourri or you buy it in the store, it is a quick stocking stuffer or gift box ornament for Christmas. Since they are small and very ornamental, they make great Christmas box toppers. For the sachet you can easily sew them if you're handy on a sewing machine. Some easier ways for these bags is to buy wedding cloth gift bags or just cut squares of pretty material and tie them with a ribbon. You can make dozens of these very quickly.



Need: Potpourri, material or sachet bags. ribbon



A simple candle centerpiece can be constructed very easily. Buy a straw wreath the size you want your centerpiece to be. Cut out a piece of poster cardboard the size of the straw wreath. Glue this piece of cardboard to one side of the wreath. On the other side, glue dried floral moss to the wreath, .as best you can. You should not use hot glue for this as it will not stay glued permanently. Glue a piece of floral foam to the center of the wreath, making sure it is parallel to the top of the wreath. Purchase a metal candle holder with a spike on the bottom which you can center on the foam piece. Glue dried flowers and greenery until the straw wreath is covered in flowers.



Need: straw wreath, craft glue, cardboard, floral foam, metal candle holder, dried flowers and greenery, candle



To make a Topiary Tree with a Christmas theme, you can design your own by using a terra cotta pot and spray painting it any color for Christmas. Place a floral foam piece to fit into the terra cotta pot. Insert a wooden dowel into the foam, placing craft glue on the tip to keep it in place. Let it dry. Place a Styrofoam ball on top of the dowel and gently press it into the ball about halfway through. Cover the ball in craft glue. Cover the ball with craft floral moss before it dries. This will fill in the gaps so the white doesn't show through and make it easier for the dried flowers to stick to the ball as well. Begin gluing the flowers in strategic places in an organized or even pattern. Let dry. Put a small bow at the top. Fill the top of the terra cotta pot with moss to hide the floral foam.



Need: terra cotta pot, spray paint, wooden dowel (1/2"), Styrofoam ball, floral foam, dried herbs and flowers, floral moss, wire cutters





Natural Gift Ideas



If you're like me, you have a box of shells in your garage just sitting there waiting to be used someday. Here are some good ways to use some of those shells for gifts. Two unique gifts come to mind that make great homemade gifts and are not that hard to make. The first one is shell candles. You need either conk shells or shells with a wide deep opening. They need not be overly large, but just enough to put some candle wax and a wick in so it will burn for a reasonable amount of time. You could make these in sets as well.

You can melt the wax in a double boiler which you can purchase at craft store with whatever scent you think would be appropriate for the person. Just keep the flame on enough to simmer the wax which is not on high heat. If you add stearine to the melted candle wax, it will help the candle burn slower. You can buy your unique scent and color to make the perfect candle in your shells. Make a set and it makes a wonderful natural gift. This is good also for teachers as Christmas Gifts.

The other shell project that I recommend is not hard either. This project is a shell framed mirror. It doesn't have to be a big mirror. You will need to lay out all your shells to make it look well designed and balanced when it's finished. For this project I recommend using permanent glue that will hold the shells indefinitely on the mirror. Once all the shells are dry, place a picture frame hook on the back. Get one that you can glue to the back of the mirror. Use permanent glue for this as well.



Need: Shells, candle wax, candle scents, Stearine, double boiler pans, Picture frame hook.