Gout symptoms include extreme pain in a joint without injury, swelling of the joint, skin over the affected joint. skin appears tight, red and shiny. Oftentimes gout symptoms are accompanied by chills and a low grade fever. Many gout suffers know these symptoms all too well because their battle with goat is an ongoing one. Gout is caused by an excessive buildup of uric-acid in the body. Typically, the body excretes uric-acid through urination and bowel movements. Unfortunately for those gout sufferers, insufficient amounts of uric-acid leave the body causing the painful symptoms.

If you have a family history of gout, you are more like to suffer from the disease. Other gout causing factors include being overweight, exposure to lead, thyroid disease, enzyme defects and the types of food you eat along with a whole host of medical conditions.

Supplements to Head Off Gout

Stinging Nettle increases kidney function thereby increasing the amount of uric-acid the body excretes. Stinging Nettle is found in supplement form at health food stores or online.

Flax Seed Oil has natural properties that reduce inflammation in the joints. Flax Seed Oil can be added to salads or you can substitute for other oils you would normally use to cook.

Folic Acid slows down the body’s production of uric-acid, which will help to prevent a buildup of excessive amounts of uric-acid.

TLC for Gout

Keep pressure off the affected joint.

Rest and elevate the painful, gout affected joint.

Ice the joint to help relieve swelling and pain.

Take an over the counter pain relief medication – not aspirin, which may increase the severity and intensity of gout symptoms.

Change Your Diet

Eat cherries, although many doctors say its an old wives tale, lots of gout sufferers are convinced the reduction in severity and the amount of times gout comes back is drastically reduced.

Add coffee to your diet. Coffee is a chelating agent that helps to remove uric-acid from the body. The coffee draws and binds the uric-acid which helps the body to excrete the uric-acid.

Increase your fluid intake. The old adage of eight 8 ounce glasses of water has some truth, it really should be more, but eight 8 ounce glasses of water is a start in the right direction.

Stay away from food that are associated with increasing got symptoms. If you cannot narrow down the foods that cause your symptoms, typical culprits are sardines, roe, animal hearts, livers and other organ meats, herring anchovies, along with other meats and types of seafood.

Other Gout Causes

Over use of aspirin

Beer consumption

Use of diuretics


Being male

Always see your doctor and follow his or her advice. Discuss alternative treatments and preventatives with you health care provider before starting a new supplement regimen or diet.

Discuss with your doctor your current medications which may have a negative effect on gout symptoms.

Do not stop or change your current medications and dosage with the express consent and guidance of your health care professional.