You can make your hair considerably longer by adding natural hair extensions to it. By natural means, it could take a very long time to get the long hair that you desire. But there is no need for the wait if you choose to use human hair extensions. Make hair longer and more dramatic for special occasions, or just for a different look. With hair extensions the only time required to lengthen your hair is the time it takes to buy the extensions and the few hours involved to have them added to your own natural hair.

Natural hair extensions also add volume to hair. It may be a desire to transform thin, limp hair into full, thick hair with a lot of body. Human hair extensions will help create that look.

So, where can you find natural hair extensions? There are actually several places where the hair can be purchased. Human hair extensions may be available at the local beauty supply shop. Also, some beauticians keep hair on hand for purchase.

Purchasing natural hair extensions online is convenient. Do your research before making a purchase because human hair types and quality vary. Find out what type of extensions you want to purchase; and then, use the following sites to find human hair extensions.

Check out Ebay. According to their slogan, you can find "it" on Ebay. And hair extensions are no exception. Just do a search for human hair extensions and several auctions will come up. There are also several Ebay stores that sell nothing but hair products and accessories of all types.

Look for natural hair extensions at Amazon. There is not a wide selection there. But clip on human hair extensions can usually be found on the site. You'll get free shipping on most purchases over $25.00. is a beauty supply shop that carries many hair accessories. You can usually find a variety of human hair extensions there. Some of the hair is expensive; however, Sally's carries some extensions that are very economically priced.

Natural hair extensions are nothing new for celebrities. They have been used in Hollywood for years on movie sets. And some stars use hair extensions just because they want longer hair without having to wait for it to grow out. Use the information above so that you also can have a new, longer hairdo when you desire it.