Natural hair loss treatments that actually worked used to be a dream for those suffering from premature hair loss, thinning hair or a receding hair line. However, there is good news for those who thought that there was no other way to either slow or stop the progression of baldness. Natural remedies for hair loss have made significant strides in the last few years.

Prior to recent advances in natural home remedies for hair loss, you choices when experiencing rapid thinning of the hair were either surgical hair transplants to the balding areas or topical medications like Rogaine which tended to have serious side effects for some. Homeopathic remedies for thinning hair simply had not caught up to the advances of other treatments of propecia. All that has changed in the last few years; and there are now commercially prepared natural cures for hair loss widely available. Where can you get them? The best natural cures for hair loss are easily available either at your local health food store, or at online retailers. There is even more good news for those looking for a hair loss cure program they can easily administer from home, not only do the natural baldness treatment formulations do a good job at slowing the progression of balding and encouraging new hair growth, they are also easy on the pocketbook when compared to professionally administered treatments.

Hair Loss Herbal Treatments

There best natural herbal treatments for hair loss are commercially prepared treatments like Profollica, Provillus, Pocerin, Advecia and Heradone. Each of the aforementioned treatments has gotten varied reviews, although most have gotten at least moderate hair regrowth over time.

Common Ingredients in Natural Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

There are three common ingredients in most natural herbal treatments for hair loss. The first is Saw Palmetto which is a DHT blocker and also promotes prostate health in men. Women with thinning hair should not use products containing Saw Palmetto because it is ineffective in women and will cause harm to the fetus in pregnant women.

The second common ingredient is Nettle Root. Nettle Root is a common 5-Alpha-Reductase blocker, which is the substance responsible for testosterone being converted to DHT. Women may use products containing Nettle Root, although it can have serious side effects for anyone taking blood pressure medication, medication for diabetes or sedatives like Ativan or Valium. Avoid Nettle Root if you take any of these medications.

The other common ingredient is Dong Quai. Dong Quai is still another, stronger DHT blocker than Saw Palmetto and is safe for use in both men and women. The combination of Dong Quai and Nettle Root tends to be quite effective in natural hair loss treatments.