If we list the most trust full treatments for hemorrhoid, natural hemorrhoid treatments are diffidently one of those. Hemorrhoids have been one of the most common diseases all around the world. And if we talk about popularity of the natural treatment of hemorrhoids, diffidently it is one of the most popular treatments. In subcontinent almost 75 percent of the hemorrhoid patient prefers natural treatment. When we say natural treatment it doesn't mean at all that old fashioned herbal treatments.

Over the years natural treatment has improved it self. The researchers all around the glob have been working hard on natural treatment. So natural treatment is not based on the tails, it has been proved with the help of some serious research work too. One could say that when other treatments like laser surgery or other allopathic medicines are available for its treatment, then why to choose natural treatment, yup it is the right question we will try to find the answer in the discussion below.

In this portion we will try to understand that what are exactly the natural treatments and how they work. Well as the name natural hemorrhoid treatments suggest that all medicines involve in this type of treatment are made-up of natural ingredients. It does not mean that those medicines are hundred percent natural, obviously there are some non natural ingredients as well. But almost they are 97-99.9 percent natural that is for sure.

So what are they made-up of that is the important question, especially if you are looking forward to take some natural treatment, then you are definitely keen towards what are you going to eat. There may be two types of natural treatments the first one is which people use at home made techniques and the others are the treatment which are used by professionals.

The first one which involves the home based techniques is not our topic so we will not discuss it that much, but I think introductory discussion is necessary. Home based natural hemorrhoid treatments not only involve medication but also the care, for example taking care of your diet, if you need to go toilet don't delay it just do it at your first preference because if you delayed it, it would put extra pressure on anus vessels which may result in increase in the disease, keeping that area clean as much as possible, do not rub the anus hard with the toilet tissue, don't keep sitting or standing for many hours.

There are certain medications people use at home, for example people use to keep ice on effected are which helps to recover, and there are so many other techniques in which people prepare herbals at home. But the problem with such medication is that they really require much time and skills to prepare and use as well.

Now let's go back to the major portion that is natural treatments used by professionals. Natural hemorrhoid treatments are quiet effective if they are recommended by an expert, other vise they are not that much affected. So what are the ingredients used in those herbals, you are definitely interested in knowing this. Well here is the list of commonly used treatments:

i) Fibers

ii) Different plant compounds

iii) Paste or cream

iv) Butcher's broom

v) Horse chestnut

Fiber: well in this technique foods which contain fibers are given to the patients. Because it is scientifically proved that fibers help you to recover from hemorrhoids. In simple words in this treatment extra amount of fiber is provided to patient no matter what ever the source is, for example patients are given such vegetables that contain some good amount of fiber and water too. So such vegetables can also be used precautionary measure.

Plant compounds: compounds which are obtained by certain plants are found to be affective against hemorrhoids. It is said about such compounds that they help anus veins to be strengthen and provide relief against pain. Usually such plants are selected which contain much citrus in their composition, for example grapes and other fruits. If you are going to use such compound to cure your self, just don't do it on you own first concern some expert. Because this treatment might not suit your case, for example the women who are having tumors avoid using it.

Paste or cream: well some people think that if hemorrhoids are external then why not to target them directly, I mean instead of eating medicines one should apply cream that targets directly the infected area. The idea is some how right because cream is found to help full. Such pastes are made with the help of different leaves and roots of different tree. In natural hemorrhoid treatments such creams are one of the important tools.

Butcher's broom: it's a tree which is very famous for its effectiveness against hemorrhoids. Medicines made from it are usually used in form of capsule and they are taken with help of tea, since there taste is really bad, they are also used with honey. Preparing such medicine is not an easy task. How ever there is no scientific prove for its effectiveness against hemorrhoids.

Horse chestnuts: horse chestnuts are used to medicate people who are suffering from less circulation in anus vessels. But it is highly recommended to not to use this medicine on your own. Because horse chestnuts are harmful for the people who are taking blood thinning medicines, and in some other cases as well.

Concluding our discussion that natural treatments are found to be effective in some cases and in some cases they are not that much effective. Result from such treatment may vary case to case. Natural treatment could be even more effective if it is taken under the supervision of a proper expert.

However, like every treatment it also has some disadvantages too for example it is not easy to find right experts and its medicines are not that easy to use. Summing up whole discussion with the note that traditional natural hemorrhoid treatments have fewer side effects with comparison to others, but you still need to consult your doctor to make sure you get the right treatment and you are not making matters worse.