Gout is an extremely painful condition that most often affects the feet. I first suffered from gout about 3 years ago - I think I've finally got it under control now by using some of my favorite home remedies for gout - and I believe it was a result of my sedentary lifestyle (I worked in an office at a desk) and certain dietary factors (too much beer and red meat).  I also had just turned 60 at that time, and my father had been a gout sufferer, so I knew that I was a prime candidate for it. But it was still a shock when my doctor told me that what I thought was a spider bite on my big toe was the dreaded gout. I was even more surprised when he prescribed a couple of medications that he said I should take whenever I felt the signs of a new attack, but could only recommend dietary restrictions as a way to treat it naturally. Well, at my age changes don't come easy. But fortunately, there are some tried and true home remedies for gout.

Of course the first thing to do, old dog or not, is to try to eat a healthier diet. Just by cutting back on the red meat and beer (other forms of alcohol are OK) you'll reduce your chances of a new bout. But heredity and other factors are also at work, so you can try some of these methods - they have worked for me. The best home remedy for gout is consuming cherries, either the whole fruit or the juice. You'll have to eat around 20 fresh cherries first thing in the morning, or drink a glass of 100% cherry juice, for the remedy to work. It helps to reduce the level of uric acid in the body, but you really should make it a part of your daily regimen for it to be effective. And it doesn't matter whether you use sweet or tart cherries, they are both good home remedies for gout. I have found that most cherry juice is quite tart, though, so try sweetening it with some honey to make it go down more easily.

If you can't stomach the cherries, another remedy for gout flare-ups is vegetable juice. The best veggies to throw in the juicer are carrots, beets, cucumbers, and green string beans. The lowly apple has also been found to be effective - it'll keep the doctor away for other maladies as well - and you can eat raw apples or drink the juice. Other fruity remedies include eating bananas and taking lime juice. All of these juice methods work best if you can reduce the consumption of other foods for a while, a kind of modified fasting approach.

There are external home remedies for gout pain that can provide more immediate relief when you are really hurting. A paste of charcoal powder (get it at your health food store) and water can be applied to the afflicted area, or you can make it more diluted and use it as a soak. The same approach works with ground ginger - but it’s best used as a foot soak, not as a paste. Finally, making and applying a paste made of equal parts powdered mustard and whole wheat flour and water can help with the pain.

Home remedies for gout can be very effective if you remember that you have to use the internal treatments regularly for them to work consistently, and that the external types are only useful for painful flare-ups. Try to get more exercise, change your diet, and drink plenty of water, and you'll have fewer gout bouts to worry about period.