Insects such as Japanese Beetles, cut worms and aphids are damaging to flower gardens and vegetable gardens. These type of insects can ruin your garden. It is very frustrating to see the damage done to all of your hard work. No one wants to be around stinging and biting insects such as mosquitoes or the dreaded no see um bug. If you can't enjoy your yard and garden because of bugs and insects, but don't want to use harsh chemicals especially around children or pets not to mention vegetables, fruits and herbs that you will be eating there is a natural bug repellant that is safe to use. It is not only a safe insect-repellant, it is very effective. This natural bug repellant is also very easy to make from plants already growing in your garden. If you don't have these plants in your garden, plant them. They are easy to grow and maintain or ask a friend or neighbor for some. The bugs and insects won't stick around when you use this spray.

Ingredients for your Natural Insect Repellent:


You will need half-cup of Marigold flowers, 1/4 cup of Geranium Flowers, 3/4 cup of garlic cloves and 1/2 cup of basil leaves. For the Marigolds and Geraniums, only use the flower, not the stems or leaves.

Making Natural insect-repellant:


Place Marigold Flowers, Geranium Flowers, Garlic and Basil Leaves in a blender or food processor.

Puree the ingredients.

Add approximately half cup of water and puree again.

Boil approximately 1 gallon of water.

Add the pureed mixture into the boiling water.

Allow the insect-repellant to steep overnight.

In the morning pour the mixture through a fine strainer or paper coffee filter to remove any non-liquefied pieces. Toss the solid pieces right along with the paper coffee filter right onto your compost pile.

Pour the insect-repellant into a large, clean spray bottle.

To Use the Natural insect-repellant:


Spray the natural insect-repellant on flowers, vegetable plants, trees, shrubs and the ground around your garden.

Re-apply after a rainfall or once a week.