Constipation can be considered as a syndrome as it causes many other complexities in the human body. It is characterized by the over absorption of water from the excretory products and lack of laxatives in the daily diet. It is always unpleasant to discuss this thing if you ever experienced this problem during your previous years.

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The pain and frustration of constipation is enormous, however, there are numerous viable treatments for this problem. Natural treatment methods are more effective, they involve the use of natural laxatives for the treatment of the constipation. Aloe Vera is the most effective natural laxative; it is used for various purposes. It is also used as a natural remedy for constipation in homes and different products derived from its contents are available in the market.

The Food that You Eat


There are several other foods that act as natural laxatives, very effective in maintaining the balance of the food, regulating the digestive system and easing the bowl movement. Different vegetables including avocados, tomatoes, lima beans, sprout of Brussels, artichoke and eggplant increase laxatives in the diet. Okra is rich in the laxatives, take a look at the veggies that are missing from your diet and include them to your diet if you are facing any problems with the bowl movement. The fruits that are rich in natural laxative include grapes, mangoes, apricot, coconut, apples, plums, peaches, pineapples etc. They also contain fiber which makes the bowl movement faster and avoids constipation.

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Among dry fruits, nuts of all kinds are considered rich source of natural laxative. Other than nuts, almonds, cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds etc are rich source of protein as well as help in the digestion and prevent additional absorption of water. Value added and nutrient rich nuts can also be used as a main source of natural laxative, the examples include honey coated nuts, salted nuts, unshelled, shelled and roasted nuts. There are certain herbs that can act as natural laxative include alfalfa, cassia pulp, dandelion leaves, cassia pulp etc.

Fast Paced Living Cause Constipation


Nowadays,  most people lead busy lives, most people have to grab a bowl of cereals or any other food in less time, they have no time to grind the food particles efficiently and most part of the food is engulfed. This causes abdominal problems and even stomach upsets. Eventually, this results in the abnormal functioning of the digestive system leading to constipation and other diseases.

High amount of fiber helps the digestive system to recover, especially the food containing soluble fibers. The food is converted into small particles and insoluble fiber particles are excreted, these fibers will make the excretory material soft and it can be easily excreted, the laxatives help to cure the constipation but you must use them in your daily diet if you want to save yourself from this painful condition. Remember that care is better than cure and you must be careful in your life.


In conclusion, natural laxatives have important role in the treatment of constipation, different foods including fruits, veggies and dry fruits provide laxatives. These must be included in the daily diet in order to avoid constipation.