Lice are a small parasitic insect that lives in the hair of warm blooded animals such as birds and mammals. There are three species that thrive living on humans. These small creatures are comparable to mosquitoes except that they are tied to their host. This is because they have no wings and cannot fly. However, like mosquitoes they have a long straw like mouth which they use to bite into the flesh of their host. There are several methods to remove head lice but most of the require chemicals and pesticides. Most people don't want anything like this on their head and choose to seek natural lice cures

If you or someone you know is suffering from a lice infestation then it is important to find help quickly. It would be terrible to spread a lice infestation to members or your family or people you work around. Children between the ages of three and ten are at the greatest risk for lice. If one child is infested it is likely everyone in his class and family may become infested too. This is why it is important to treat it quickly.

A lice infestation is easy to spot. A louse, singular for lice, is about the size of a sesame seed. While they are hard to see its not impossible. The easiest thing to spot will likely be the bite marks and the bumps left behind by them. These will be found on the scalp and neck of the individual. You may also be able to see the droppings left behind by them. They will be really obvious on blond haired people.

There are a few different natural lice cures that can effectively kill lice quickly. The first is simply to use mayonnaise. Cover the complete area of the scalp and part of the neck, make sure all of the hair has a coating on it. You can then use a shower cap or bag to make sure you do not leave a mess behind. You can sleep this way or simply leave it on for an extended period of time. The next morning you will need to clean your hair thoroughly. You may have to shampoo your hair several times to get the hair completely clean.

You can also use Vaseline, however it will be harder to remove from the hair. You must saturate the hair with baby oil. Remove as much of the Vaseline with your fingers as you can and then wash your hair several times with dish soap in hot water. These may not be entirely effective for some people and a modern method using delousing combs or other natural lice cures may work better than the home remedies.