The jarring buzz or radio blast coming from the bedside alarm clock is one of the most despised sounds in the world. For many people, the alarm clock is truly alarming and a bad start to another day. The solution? For many people a natural light alarm clock has proven to be an effective way to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. Life is hectic and with enough stress during the day that adding to this feeling of tension should not happen first thing in the morning. A natural light alarm clock provides a gradual light that is more in tune with a body's natural rhythms. The calming effect of a natural light alarm clock can help a person start their day off right. This device is commonly called a sunlight alarm clock, gradual light alarm clock or daylight alarm clock. They all work in virtually the exact same way just marketed slightly differently.

How does the clock work?

Instead of a loud ringing or a heavy metal radio song pumping towards a sleeping person, a gradual light alarm clock will slowly increase in brightness to reproduce the natural sunrise. A person's natural sleeping pattern is to feel tired when it is dark and ready to get up with the sunrise. Work schedules, daylight saving time and caffeinated beverages have long destroyed this natural circadian sleep cycle and today's worker feels unable to awaken properly in the morning. With the use of a gradual light alarm clock the shock to the body's system is lessened dramatically and this is a benefit to both body and spirit.

Will it really wake me up?

Many sound sleepers are truly surprised by how quickly and easily they learn to adapt to a daylight alarm clock. The reason is simple: a daylight alarm clock mimics the natural processes. The body wants to wake up in this manner. Also, a daylight alarm clock is used by the hearing impaired and is one of the most popular deaf alarm clocks. If a truly deaf person can be awaken by this light and no other noise whatsoever, it stands to reason that a person with average hearing could awaken just as easily. If needed many of these clocks also feature built in audio backups for added piece of mind. Some also implement natural sounds to accompany the lighting feature.

Natural Light Alarm ClockWhat is the cost?

A natural light alarm clock is not nearly as cheap as a standard alarm. A consumer can expect to pay $100 or more for a decent model with a wider range of features and functions. Some clocks feature iPod docking stations. Given the amount of testimonials from happy sleepers, the increase in daily productivity and general happiness more than covers the cost of purchase.

A natural light alarm clock is a great device for even the crankiest morning person. Suitable as one of the best deaf alarm clocks for the hearing impaired or for a very sound sleeper, the awakening capabilities of these light clocks may just surprise the average sleepyhead. The benefits of a great start to the day outweigh the higher cost. These sunlight alarm clocks are available in finer retailers and natural light clocks can be purchased online at sites like Amazon. Natural light alarm clocks also make great gifts for any stressed person.