I love MSM has a long name with fantastic effects. Methyl-sulfonyl-methane is a naturally occurring sulfur that is already present in the skin, so it is actually a natural supplement. MSM is a supplement that has great effects on the skin. MSM can greatly improve the way the skin looks. Effects include making the skin softer, more supple, a clearer complexion and more buoyant. Even the blemishes I had, just a mild case of acne cleared up. MSM is definitely one of the absolute best skin supplements I can recommend.

You can find it anywhere, Trader Joe's for instance is where I first tested out the MSM supplement. It comes in a little bottle and I took 3 pills a day. After two weeks the effects were obvious. So obvious that a best friend from college saw me and wondered what I had been doing (because she knew that I didn't always have great skin). I told her my face looked better because I had started incorporating more fresh vegetables and fruit into my diet along with the natural MSM supplement. My friend already had beautiful skin but she had been getting stressed at work and had just a few breakouts (compared to my usual many!) so she wanted to give it a go anyway. MSM can only continue to help, even make the best skin, better.

When taking MSM skin supplements be sure to drink a lot of water, it help the body absorb the supplement and can help your complexion in general. Another alternative to taking MSM in the pill form is taking this in powdered form. Some say that powdered form is better because the MSM is absorbed quicker. The natural powder form I now use is great, however I think either pill or powder form will work, so long as you get a quality product. The MSM powder form is dissolved in water, making it taste a little bit funny yet definitely still very drinkable. Plus you are getting your water and supplement all at one time.

After having great success with MSM I was intrigued to learn more. There are also a lot of other great skin care supplements out there. I would suggest Biotin and Vitamin C, these skin supplements will complement MSM's work.

I've personally found that MSM is the best skin care supplement because it is easy and affordable. As long as you stick to it the results will come, or at least they do for me. Additionally, MSM has great benefits too for the hair and arthritis. From the plethora of skin care products I've tried, MSM by far is the best natural skin supplement.