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Makeup is made to enhance the skin and features to help you look and feel your best without looking made up. Many people want a natural makeup look that isn't heavy, greasy or noticeable but enhances the eyes, cheeks or lips to brighten each of those features and to make them pop.

With a little practice and helpful makeup tips you can have a natural makeup look easily every day since there are some basic steps that can be taken when you think of your face as an artist's canvas. Let's take a look at how to get a natural makeup look:

Natural Makeup Look – Makeup Tips

Natural Skincare by Nutrimetics by Avalla

  • · Skincare is essential - Start with good, healthy, natural skincare – makeup will go on much smoother and evenly with a good base. Use a skincare set that is meant for your particular skin type and includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer and be sure to use each of them every morning and every evening. You'll notice that your skin starts to get cleaner, smoother, and softer, more even in texture with minimal lines and wrinkles.
  • · Foundation Primer – Use a natural foundation primer that helps foundation to go on more evenly and sets your foundation and helps to create that artist's canvas you're looking for. Use a small amount and apply evenly over entire face, even eyes and lips and allow the primer to absorb completely before continuing with the rest of the makeup look.
  • · Apply Foundation – Use the ring and center finger to apply foundation or use a makeup sponge. Apply a thin layer evenly until a smooth finish is all over the face including eyes and lips.
Natural Mineral Makeup
  • · Eyebrow Pencil – Apply a light eyebrow pencil that matches the color of the brow making sure that the brow lifts and accentuates the eyes.
  • · Eyeliner – Add a dark brown or black colored eyeliner on the skin just above the eyelashes on the eyelid using the edge of the palm of the hand to steady the hand as you apply the eyeliner in a thin even line.
  • · Eye shadow – Apply a thin, light layer of eye shadow color in a shade that is similar to the skin tone to obtain a natural makeup look and apply it over the lower eyelid area. Blend well with an eye shadow brush so that no lines are visible that would show where the eye shadow starts or ends to get a natural makeup look that enhances the eye.
  • · Curl the Eyelashes – Use an eyelash curler on the upper eye lashes to make them curl as much as possible after mascara is later applied.
  • · Mascara – Add a light coat of mascara just enough to coat and lengthen the eyelashes.
  • · Natural blush – Use a natural cream blush in a color that is one shade darker than your skin tone. Add the blush to the apple of the eye (just under center of pupil and across from the bridge of the nose). Blend gently so that no start or finish areas are shown.
  • · Lip liner – Add a natural and light lip liner in a shade closest to the natural color of your lips.
  • · Lip Gloss – For a natural makeup look, add a light color of lip gloss to the entire lip and purse lips so that the gloss is well blended over entire lip.
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  • · Finishing Powder – Always add a light coat of a finishing powder in a shade most similar to the foundation you applied or one shade darker and apply this powder all over the entire face using a high quality, natural powder brush. This finishing powder step will ensure that your makeup will last all day without running, smearing or wearing off for a natural makeup look.

Continue practicing these natural makeup look tips daily so that you can apply your makeup in five or ten minutes. Experiment with different colors to find those shades of color that looks the best on you and enhance your best features. Always buy high quality natural makeup made from fresh fruit and fresh vegetable extracts with vitamins such as Nutrimetics by Avalla that will be good for your skin health and not cause breakouts, irritation or clog pores unlike many brands that contain chemicals, cheap fillers and irritants. Check the safety of your makeup products by looking at which is the Environmental Working Group site that studies and compares companies and brands for hazardous ingredients.

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