I’m all in support of organic farming methods however lots of people who care about the wellbeing of animals wrongly believe that by consuming organic meat they are in fact consuming cruelty free, ecological food. While this will likely apply to berry and vegetable manufacture, the same can’t be explained for animals. Why do people once in a while confuse ‘organic’ by using ‘cruelty free’, assuming that this meat which carries an organic stamp of endorsement is better for earth? ‘Happy meat’ not close to the truth. Here's why...


Humane slaughter is an oxymoron
Incredibly similar to 'kind stabbing', humane slaughter is often a ridiculous phrase to describe the demise of your sentient being. The idea doesn’t make any sense. Whether the animal has been bred on a factory farm, field or the roof of any nearby pub, when they are turned into meat, they are processed in exactly the same way as an animal raised with regard to food. The journey may have been different but the end result is ultimately the same. Anyone who feels organic meat is often a product of minimal animal suffering is often a victim of typical marketing strategies. Fundamentally this; eat as much organic food since you like as it really is better for any health issues, just don’t consider it’s helping you save animals.


Organic meat is a myth
‘Natural’, ‘free range’, ‘organic’... all good  PUBLIC RELATIONS phrases we notice when buying in to the organic meat market. The only elements these concepts truly do, is minimize the guilt most people feel about some of our purchase. Images of manufacturing area farmed animals slaughtered for a production line so quickly that they hardly have moment to die before being skinned at the moment are replaced by photos of cows frolicking within fields and hen chickens sun bathing. Eventhough many of these ‘organic’ animals can be on a diet without any antibiotics, their conditions often differ slightly if at all from the factory captive-raised animals, with the addition of a little more space. Many a times animals raised on an organic farm are taken into the same slaughterhouse exactly where factory farmed wildlife are killed very, thus nullifying that happy ending we’re concluded in believe that they have. The truth is the fact that purchasing organic meats does nothing to increase the life span of the animal nonetheless it does do magic for our good sense of guilt! We’re incurred more for meals that makes us all feel less responsible, essentially.


Not better for the environment
Natural animal farming is actually admirable, but it cannot be sustained if you talking about meat. If you think what demand for meat there is nowadays. Now take the demand and implement  methods of farming to meet the demand : every animal needs to have a certain amount of space and should be fed on a anitbiotics free diet. How will that ever focus on such a substantial scale? The space required we need in order to keep organic wildlife staggering, and land essential for animals to breed for meals are already huge. That’s in addition to the amount regarding disease and sickness that may occur when explained animals are processed on such a large scale without the employment of antibiotics. Half the world’s land spot that isn’t covered with sea is specialized in food production even though modern farming practises power this limited space to your workplace, happy meat grinding simply can’t happen because animals suffer in either case.


That green movement is actually fantastic but when you’re worried in regards to the wellbeing of animals to begin with, you probably shouldn’t eat them whatsoever – especially when there are lots of other organic in addition to health foods which might be far better on your health and that in the environment.