They do a lot of damage to clothing and other textiles. Moth can ruin clothing by chewing holes through the fabric. There are store bought moth repellants such as moth balls, but mothballs smell bad and emit harmful chemical odors. Mothballs have also been linked to certain types of cancer. Mothballs are dangerous to adults, children and pets because the powerful odor that is released can cause respiratory problems and breathing difficulties. Mothballs are dangerous and deadly to pets and children who eat them. Even though mothballs have a very unappetizing aroma, pets and children will and do ingest them. Thankfully, there are much nicer smelling natural alternatives to mothballs. You can make you own mothballs repellant to store with clothing and other textiles, leave the moth repelling sachets in drawers and closets. This is a very effective natural moth repellant that works as well as chemical moth repellants without the harmful effects or danger.

To Make Your Own Moth-Repellent


Lay out two 12" by 12" pieces of cheesecloth or similar material. Place one on top of the other.

On top of the cheesecloth or other material of your choice, place dried lavender flowers, dried mint leaves, fresh cedar wood shavings, wormwood and 2 to 3 drop of cinnamon essential oil. Cinnamon essential oil is available in health food stores, natural pharmacies and online. A lumber yard can provide fresh cedar wood shavings and wormwood, sometimes free of charge, but mostly for a small fee. Use well dried lavender and well dried mint leaves.

Gather the corners of the cheesecloth or other material and tie securely. Use a thin ribbon to tie the sachet closed or the opening can be sewn shut. Use whichever method is easiest for you.

Squeeze and roll the moth repellant sachet between your palms to release the fragrance of the ingredients.

Place the moth repelling sachets in closets, drawers, attic, basements, sealed storage containers or where ever else you have encountered a moth problem.

When the scent fades from the sachets, roll it between your palms to release it again.




This works to repel moths and many other insects. These ingredients are a very effective way of protecting your clothing, tablecloths, curtains or any other type of fabric item that are stored. After using this fragrant moth repellant, you will no longer have to air clothes for days to remove the foul mothball odor. This is a much more pleasant moth deterrent.