If you were wondering how to get rid of mice, from a natural standpoint, then you have come to the right place my friends. There are tons of different ways to do this sort of thing, but in this particular article, we will only be addressing one specific category. That "category" is often referred to as natural mouse deterrent. If you have never heard of it, then you should find this post interesting. I have had a few domestic mouse problems in the past myself, and have learned a few principles along the journey.

Traps, poison, and, electronic mouse deterrents undoubtedly work, but are not the most ethical of processes. Some of these, such as the victor multi kill electronic mouse trap are considered harsh by a number of people. So, in order to address this issue, I would like to discuss a few of the more organic methods of mouse deterrent.

The first application related to the subject is actually quite old. This is trap door concept that essentially lets mice in, but not out. All you have to do is set it out, catch some mice, and then do as you please. Relocate them or do whatever you do with them to get em out of your house.

Many folks have been talking about how well peppermint oil deters mice. Now, I am not totally convinced with this one, but I will have to give it a try sometime. I simply feel like I have to because of all of the positive feedback from others who have tried it. Nobody that I have heard of has explained how it works, but I think I understand the concept of the whole idea. I think the point is to make the mice uncomfortable if you will. The reason is a lot like that of a deer. Deer do not like to dwell in areas where they cannot smell because of some other odor. Their keen ability to smell is an essential aspect of their survival. Therefore, if that great sense of smell is taken away from the deer, then they are more open to predators. I believe that the same goes for the mouse. Mice use their senses to find food, if the smell of the peppermint oil is so strong that they cannot even find food, then they will more than likely take themselves elsewhere. This same concept would seem viable with, let's say, cat urine. A great way to get cat urine smell, that is, if you don't own a cat, is to get some old litter. When mice smell that urine, then they may be more apt to leave because they believe a cat could be near.