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Rodents like mice have become a big headache for millions of residents living in their homes. Mouse droppings and their nests are found everywhere - in the drawers, storage rooms, pantry, under the trash cans etc. Moreover when a mouse dies, it stinks horribly. Repelling mice can be a hassle. Getting rid of mice using poisons is very common, but it would be really hard to use them if you have pets or domestic animals at your home that might eat a poisoned dead mouse.

The poisoned mouse could be equally dangerous for your neighbor's pets. You would also not like to kill natural predators to the mouse like eagles, crows, vultures and coyotes. So, if you are planning on using poisons drop the idea and try using natural mouse repellant like peppermint oil, cloves etc. and get rid of mice naturally.

The smell of cayenne pepper, cloves, citronella and peppermint are simply awful for the mice. They act as a natural deterrent. So to repel mice all you need to do is soak some cotton balls in these oils and leave these balls at places where mice are mostly spotted, like along walls behind your furniture, doorways, store rooms, heat vents, under your bed and, in drawers.

All these oils are readily available in grocery shops and all health stores. You could also grow peppermint plants near the entrance to drive away the mice folk. If you’re dealing with a lot of mice it may be time to hire a professional rodent exterminator.

Some natural mouse repellent tips:

>>>> Try making some cheesecloth sachets from mint, whole cloves and cayenne pepper and leave them in places where you have had problems with mice.

>>>> Smoke also acts as a natural mouse repellant for mice. So, use the smoke from incense sticks to drive away rats. But do not use them in places where peppermint sachets have been placed.

>>>> Combine 1 tbsp of tobacco sauce, ½ cup of detergent and one gallon of water in a bucket and use a sprayer to spray this everywhere around your home's foundation to get rid of mice.

>>>> Dried snake poo also acts as a natural mouse repellant. Visit a pet store or a reptile centre and ask for dry snake poo. Place them in places where mice are mostly spotted. But make sure that these dried poo are out of reach of pets and small children.

>>>> Use steel wool pads in mouse holes to prevent mice from reusing the holes. Steel wools are an advantage over the cotton wools as they are too tough for the mice to chew at and offer a good means of rodent control.

>>>> Organic blends are available these days which come with a guarantee. For instance, Fresh cab is an organic solution mixture that is highly effective in repelling rats. The only demerit is that these mixtures are not cost-effective. Hence, they can be only used for small scale applications.

>>>> Use mouse traps to catch the mouse in a box. Place some sweet food inside the trap to attract the mouse. Once it gets into the trap, it is trapped in and then you can carry the trap to a distant place and release the mouse in a heavily wooded area.

>>>> Nowadays electronic devices are available that produce a beeping sound. The mice get annoyed upon hearing this sound and ditch that place. These are cost effective and work well in home environments.

>>>> If you have a cat or dog as your pet, you can stay relaxed. They will track down the mice folk in no time and have a feast on their meat.

Natural mice repellentCredit: gogle images>>>> Barn owls are the best for getting rid of mice. You could get rid of as many as 20 mice in a night if you have a family of barn owls in your garden. So try to build a wooden box in your garden to shelter them.

Besides using natural mouse repellant, it is imperative that you keep your home clean and seal all the possible entries. The leftover food should be put in the fridge or properly disposed. If there is less available food, the mice are less likely to return back. Mice just want a warm place with ample food to feed on. So, follow the tips mentioned in this article and make the mice realize that your home is no longer the Canadian dreamland for them.