Have you ever seen a person with a fantastic muscular body and just wished you looked like that but then said to yourself. He must be on steroids you can't look like that naturally. I spend hours and hours each day in the gym and my body just doesn't change. To get an all natural muscular body will take lots of dedication, persistence and the correct diet and exercise plan. Most muscular people have very low body fat, so to get those muscles to show they reduce there over body fat percentage.

Natural muscle building tips

natural muscle building tipsTo reduce body fat the fastest way, you must follow an exercise routine which is designed to do so, the best routine should be 2 to 3 high intensity cardio workouts each week combined with 3 to 4 weight training workouts each week. By following a workout like this what you are doing is working on lowering your body fat whilst maintaining or building lean muscle mass.

Exercise is only 10% of the muscle building plan though, the other 90% is all in your diet plan. To build an all natural muscular body. You must be eating lots of high quality protein such as whey protein powders. You will also need to be eating simple and complex carbohydrates. Always try to consume your simple carbohydrates before, during and just after finishing your workouts. Try also not to eat any fats in these meals, fats do play an important part in the muscle building equation though. So make sure you are getting around 30% of your daily calories from healthy fat sources such as oily fish, flax seeds and nuts.

Natural muscle building results will not appear overnight, its going to take you months before you start seeing visible results. Keep at it and stick to a good diet and exercise program and you will see results. Your muscles grow out of the gym remember, so train hard and intense in the gym no longer than 45 minutes and give each body part at least 48 to 72 hours rest before you train the same body part again.

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