Natural Oils for Skin - Benefits and Uses of Pure Aromatherapy Oil

The skin is the most visible organ of the human body; therefore daily maintenance is needed to replace worn-out skin cells as a result of environmental factors and the occasional physical trauma. Obviously, all physical contact requires the use of the skin. Natural oils for skin can help in the preservation of a fresh, healthy skin; these nourish the cells or aid in the production of new ones. A well-maintained skin is able to function properly as it continues to protect the fragile inner body organs.

The skin is a determinant of a good appearance, so obviously beauty products are aimed at the maintenance and further enhancement of the skin. By skin we mean including other external body parts such as hair, sweat glands and sebaceous (oil-producing) glands since these are attached to the skin. If we are going to base from this assumption, virtually every beauty or appearance-enhancing products fall under this category: shampoos, soaps, deodorants, and a lot more.

Natural oil VS synthetic oil

While we are on the subject of beauty products, natural oils for skin are an effective way of taking care of the skin while staying fully organic. There are a lot of synthetic oils for external use out there – some can be very effective after all – but the catch here is some of these oils contain components that are products from fractionation of crude oil, which we know it contains a lot of minerals. The advantages of natural oils for skin use are that these oils are not toxic and these are as equally effective as the synthetic ones.

Aside from their use in beauty, natural oils for skin are also used in aromatherapy, especially in massage. A massage is a great way to relieve the body of stress as a result of a gradually increasing fast-paced lifestyle and the unhealthy environment as well. Natural oils for skin, when properly applied at the right spot in the right amount, can alleviate any bodily pain that is present. The experience of having a massage is a great one as an individual can relax and think less of the outside world. Of course these oils are organic, so one can care less on the toxic effects of the applied massage oil and concentrate on having a good, rejuvenating massage.

Coconut oil

One prime example of natural oils for skin is coconut oil. Ideally, coconut oil does pretty much of everything: it can be taken as a food source, be an herbal cure for ailments and is a good oil to be used externally on both the hair and skin. It moisturizes the skin and delays the onset of wrinkling in aging. When applied to hair it becomes an effective conditioner and prevents hair from drying and losing its proteins. It is an important component of numerous commercial beauty products and can be sold separately in bottles at health shops and some drug stores. The best coconut oil is one labeled with 'virgin' on it as it is produced manually. Deals on include soaps, tablets and oil; prices start at $5.50.

Olive oil

Next is olive oil. We can think of olive oil in its use in the kitchen world and as the girlfriend of Popeye. Olive oil, a good antioxidant, is effective as natural oil for skin care and anti-aging. It is a good shaving cream and can help clean earwax. Being an antioxidant, it is proven by Jeanne Calment, the world record holder for having the longest recorded human life. She includes olive oil into her diet and applies it on her skin daily. Like coconut oil, the best olive oil to be used on the skin carries the label 'virgin' or 'extra-virgin' by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). It is available in food specialty shops for Italian cuisine or can be ordered from olive oil vineyards. prices for olive oil start at $4.00 for a 5-6 oz. bottle.

Almond oil

Almond oil definitely comes to conversation when the best natural oils for skin maintenance are mentioned. It is widely used to develop skin complexion and as a moisturizer. Almond oil is also effective in aromatherapy; pure almond oil is itself decent carrier oil. Online prices start at around $7.00-8.00 for a 300 mL bottle.


The pursuit for the enhancement of beauty, and overall well-being in general, is made healthier with the inclusion of natural oils for skin care. If you happen to take your appearance quite seriously then a purchase of natural oils for skin, hair and internal organs should be considered.