Eczema and The Stigma Attached To It

A Eczema and The Stigma Attached To Itnyone who hasn't had to experience eczema, either first hand or by proxy, through a loved one, would not understand what all it entails. There is something about those sore red itchy patches that make most people uncomfortable. Sometimes the discomfort so prominent that it shows through in their behaviors. Many a times people may go so far as to start treating the affected person as some kind of a leper. Well, I mean, the way they used to behave with patients of leprosy in the 18th century... kind of like that. They'll shut you out and make sure none of their children come in contact with you. The boycott will be subtle, unspoken, embarrassing but very there.

Natural remedies for eczema may be near

Dealing with eczema can be a long difficult struggle and if you have it, you know very well that when it flairs up the itchiness can become so intense that you are not sure if you can deal with it. Many people want to find a natural cure for eczema, and there certainly are a number of things you can do to overcome your dry skin and eczema and stop the symptoms while helping your skin to heal.

What does eczema look like?

finger nails eczema

Typically eczema looks like a red sore rash and it is very, very itchy. It fails to heal on its own and the fact that it causes skin dryness makes it itchier. The sore patch of skin may otherwise be completely harmless but generally people who have no knowledge of eczema attach a great deal of stigma to it. In case of children, people get so alarmed that they may actually shun the child having eczema so that their own child may not have the slightest chance of "catching" it.

Here are few photos of eczema affected parts of people's body. The eczema pictures clearly show how unsightly these sores look and it's not hard to imagine the discomfort as well as the embarrassment that comes along with the skin condition.

What do you do about eczema?

Natural Cure For Eczema

If you are tired of dealing with the high cost of prescriptions that actually do no good other than to provide temporary relief, you might be on the way towards searching for a natural cure for your eczema. You will search not only for natural solutions to tackle the itchy patches you already have but will also want to make sure no further outbreaks happen in the future. There are certain ways of making sure that you remain eczema free forever.

The top 5 things to avoid if you have eczema

Here we offer a few things that you should avoid if you have eczema, none of these things require any type of drug but they can help you to deal with your eczema naturally.

  • Long Baths or Showers: You have probably heard how important it is to keep your skin clean. And it is very important when you have eczema or any other skin condition to cleanse your skin often to avoid infections but don't over do it in the water because it will dry out your skin's surface, increasing your chances of damaging it.
  • Rubbing Dry: Drying your skin after bathing or showering is best accomplished by blotting your skin rather than rubbing with a towel. The act of rubbing yourself dry causes irritation and excessively dry skin which only increases the chance of eczema becoming worse.
  • Itching: Adults and particularly children with eczema may tend to scratch with their fingernails when the problem involves serious itching. This itch-scratch cycle must be avoided if at all possible because this activity only increases the odds of your skin becoming infected. Use of an anti-itch cream or lotion will help resolve the problem and help control the "itchiness".
  • Skin Irritants: Skin irritants are different for each person. Some find woolen fabric to be irritating while some women find themselves breaking into rashes after applying certain kinds of makeup. It makes sense to recognize what irks your skin and steer clear of those things.
  • Allergens: Air borne allergens are everywhere and while some people may find it hard to be near any kind of grain, others may find even vacuuming highly discomforting. As far as possible try to avoid being around air borne allergens so that your skin allergy doesn't break out.

Use oil based emollients for a healthy skin surface

A great natural remedy for overly dry skin and conditions such as eczema is to use flax oil or other oil based protective emollients. Apply them directly on the surface and over troublesome areas. Gently apply any 100% natural product and your dry skin will soak it up, becoming rejuvenated and healthy once again!

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You can beat your eczema problem NOW!

As previously mentioned taking overly long baths or showers can do more harm than good for those with eczema but how else can you effectively moisturize the skin? Use lotions and creams that are specifically meant for dry skin problems. Daub the moisturizer directly onto problems spots and areas with rash or redness and leave it on as long as possible. Allow the skin to "drink" in the moistness then gently wipe it off. This allows the skin to become moist without the dryness and irritation involved with over soaking in the tub then wiping with a rough towel. Since most eczema suffers have found the OTC medicines and ointments to be temporary relief, it is very essential for you to try natural treatments for eczema.