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White teeth line reflects your personal hygiene. It plays an important role in making you look charming and confident. However, your teeth tend to discolor when you have habits like drinking excess tea or coffee, smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. You cannot throw a perfect and confident smile at others if you don’t own a white teeth line. You might be wondering about using the teeth whitening options available in the cosmetic dentistry field, but the expenses involved may horrify you. You might also come across some inexpensive options but you need to analyze how far they are safe for your teeth. At the least you would not like spoiling the present appearance of your teeth.  When you have concerns for both expenditure and safety, you can try a few effective natural or home remedies that would not cost you much. Here are a few natural remedies that are worth trying out.

Baking soda recipes

Baking soda, an inexpensive kitchen ingredient, can offer you a white teeth line if used consistently for some time. Here are a few baking soda recipes which you can easily prepare at home for teeth whitening.

  • Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide which you can buy from medical stores to a small amount of baking soda (1 tbspn). You can apply this mixture on teeth and brush it all over. Hydrogen peroxide acts as a bleaching agent here. Being abrasive in nature baking soda can effectively remove stains.
  • Prepare a mixture by adding 1 tspn of salt to 3 or 4 tspn of baking soda and store it in a small container. As you brush daily, add a few amount of this mixture to the toothpaste you use. In due course, you would see a noticeable change in the color.
  • Likewise, a mixture of baking soda, glycerine and salt can be used daily while brushing your teeth. You can add each ingredient in the proposition - 3 tspn of baking soda, 3 tspn of glycerine and half a tspn of salt.

Citrus recipes

A few drops of lemon can be applied over your teeth daily to see changes in the color. Rubbing fresh orange peels over your teeth whitens them as well as gives an instant shine. Though using citrus recipes offers bright teeth line, you need to exercise caution while using them. They can fade out your enamel and prolonged use can weaken your teeth as well as develop cavities.

Wood ash

Using wood ash for brushing teeth is an age-old practice and you can still see people using it in villages now. The potassium hydroxide present in it acts as a whitening agent and costs you nothing as you can hoard it from the fireplace. You have to be careful about the kind of wood burnt for ash. Using hard wood ash is safe but use it scarcely as potassium hydroxide can damage your teeth if used in excess.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling has to be done before you brush in the morning on an empty stomach and it is also one of the age-old practices. You can use the oil of your choice like coconut oil, sesame oil, olive oil, sunflower oil etc. Oil pulling has other health benefits if done regularly. Pour a small amount of oil into your mouth and held your chin upwards so that the oil reaches the molar teeth. Repeat this movement for 10-15 times and spit out the oil. When you do this see to that you do not swallow the oil has it accumulates all bacteria. After this, you can normally brush and when you do this two times a day you can expect quicker results.


Use of strawberries in whitening the teeth was lately found. You can either apply the strawberry mash or rub the fruit pulp against teeth. As strawberries contain a mild acid, you should not brush the teeth immediately after its use. Excessive use also deteriorates your teeth and spoils ultimately.  

Final words

Though home remedies use natural substances and seem inexpensive, they also accompany a word of warning. If you have tooth sensitivity and other health conditions, it is advisable to consult a dentist before you try any of the above remedies.