ADHD is characterized by either hyperactive-impulsive or inattentive behaviors, while some other cases manifest all these symptoms. Although the specific cause of ADHD is unknown, researchers point out that the main attribute to having this disorder is heredity where 25 percent of adults with ADHD are likely to pass it to their children.

Treatments for ADHD may be through pharmacologic means, psychotherapy, and the use of natural alternative remedies. Despite the suspicions about the mechanism of actions of these natural remedies, its uses becoming increasingly popular. Researchers and scientists are coming up with a number of reasons why the uses of these products are more beneficial than the synthetic treatments and one is that natural remedies work more directly with the body with less side effects. Three of the more popular are as follows:

1. Allergy Induced Autism Diet: A gluten, casein, MSG, and aspartame free diet. Gluten is a component of grains such as wheat, barley, rye and other grain derivatives namely hydrolyzed vegetable/plant proteins(flavor enhancers), white distilled vinegars (rye fermented into ethanol, ethanol fermented into vinegar), soy sauce and other flavorings. Casein on the other hand is from milk and other dairy products.

2. Chamomile: A daisy like plant of the Asteraceae family that has two popular names- Roman Chamomile (sweet chamomile) and the German Chamomile (single chamomile). The oil is extracted through steam distillation and used therapeutically as an oral and topical remedy. Research and testimonies show that Chamomile has calming effects on the mind and body aside from its many other classifications-antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, antiseptic, anti-depressant and anti-neuralgic.

3. Gotu Kola: A medicinal herb used thousands of years in countries like China, India and Indonesia. The herb is also called the "fountain of life" due to a story of a Chinese man who claimed to have lived 200 years as a result of eating the plant regularly. The plant is available in many commercial forms as tea, dried herb, others formulated into tablets, capsules and even components for ointments. The plant component triterpenoids is found to minimize anxiety and maximize mental function. A study showed that people who take Gotu Kola are more focused and therefore are not as easily distracted. Persons below 18 years old are discouraged from taking this plant /plant component because it is shown to affect liver function. Additionally people taking this regularly should take it daily for six weeks, with an interval of two weeks break before taking the herb again.

4. Attend for ADHD: Attend is a natural formulation that includes natural herbs, homeopathic ingredients, and nutrients that include amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Attend works quickly to provide natural symptom relief while also promoting overall health.

There are many natural ADHD treatment options beyond the four listed. It is recommended that many options are pursued to determine which works best.