There are a whole range of natural remedies for panic attacks that can be purchased over the counter. This is as a result of more and more cases of panic attacks being reported. The main cause of such an attack is an adrenalin overload. This in turn is caused by not having the right eating habits which causes stress to the intestines which require the adrenalin to pump a little faster. Bodily stress is also one of the causes as people become less fit and active in their daily lifestyle.

This leads to the adrenalin glands not working as they should which causes an attack. It can also be caused by extreme mental stress from work or too much pressure. As a result of our more relaxed lifestyle, these attacks do not really only target a certain group of people but is still most common amongst middle class workers.

Natural remedies for panic attacks are suplements that are mostly found in the right diet. This condition can be prevented altogether if a safe and healthy balanced diet plan is used in conjunction with regular exercise. The point is to keep the adrenalin glands healthy and fit as they are responsible for relaying stress through the body. If the glands start misfiring, the result is a panic or anxiety attack. The most common suplements to look for when considering a natural remedy include common vitamins such as vitamin c vitamin b100 complex and vitamin e. these are probably the three most needed vitamins and can be helpful in preventing an entire range of conditions.

These vitamins should be accompanied by certain minerals in order for the treatment to work. The minerals that are most commonly associated with panic attacks are pantothenic acid, magnesium citrate, liquid trace minerals and adrenal glandular. The two herbs that are most commonly associated with attacks are winter cherry and Siberian ginseng. These two substances are said to deliver immediate relief and support for the adrenal glands.

Other natural remedies for panic attacks include sodium. Although most professionals agree that salt is not always good for the system, there are certain minerals in salt that the adrenal glands need to function properly. If possible sea water or salt should be the preferred method of application as there are more than eighty other minerals available in these natural salts and the effects thereof can only be impressive. This can also help prevent other conditions so it is advised to not remove salt from the diet but control the intake thereof.

Healthy sources of saturated fats should also be considered, these fatty acids are also crucial to the correct functioning of the glands. These fatty acids or oil substances can be found in butter, coconut oil and olive oil as well as other sources that have not been tested. Other natural products that have been proven to have a healing and preventing effect on anxiety attacks include lavender, lemon balm and passiflora. These substances have been known to promote overall relaxation and as a result will prevent further occurrences.

Natural remedies for panic attacks should not include any artificial substances and as a result of most attacks also being caused by a sugar shortage, the sugar intake should also not be artificial. Drinking a glass of one hundred percent pure fruit juice will help, eating a banana or two will also help alleviate the symptoms immediately. This will relieve the symptoms of the attack but not stop the attack altogether, it should be closely followed by a meal which is high in protein, fat and complex carbohydrates.

This will ensure that the blood sugar level does not drop right away. It is however not advised to eat a chocolate or drink coffee as the sugars are artificial and the caffeine substances are stimulants for the glands which will cause the outbreak to worsen. The first thing to remember when suffering from a panic attack is to relax as any further stress will affect the condition directly. Therefore it has been advised to lie down or sit down and relax for a few minutes to allow the adrenalin levels in your body to return to normal.

A natural home remedy for panic attacks should only be considered after a doctor's opinion has been acquired. This is because there are certain degrees of panic attacks and each can be taken care of separately. In severe cases, treatment will be prescribed by a doctor. The doctors in general do not usually have the relevant training and knowledge regarding such an attack. As a result of this most doctors will claim that nothing is wrong and prescribe an anti depressant type of medication.

This type of medication is more common than not a very addictive substance and once use is stopped, the attacks may be caused by the withdrawal from such a substance. Some other doctors would refer the patient to a specialist which is the better option as the specialist will run tests and be able to determine the degree of attack. These specialists are specifically trained to handle these types of conditions and can therefore give a better diagnosis than a normal doctor.

Another natural remedy for panic attacks includes the use of relaxation techniques on a daily basis. These techniques are yoga or meditation. The point of these techniques is to control and alleviate stress which reduces the chances of having a panic attack. These techniques are also said to leave the patient feeling relaxed and revived at the same time. It also ensures that the body becomes fit resulting in more energy and feeling good. These techniques can be self trained by the use of self help books or CD's or the patient can join a class at a gym for training by a professional.

Either way the techniques promote relaxation and they both actually work. According to most sufferers the attack is experienced as an extreme feeling of fear and any kind of medicine would not cure the panic that easily. Natural remedies for panic attacks work on your body and mind smoothly without any side effects.