Natural rugs and runners make the perfect floor covering for your home? Not only are they better for the planet and the environment they can be more durable and longer lasting than flooring made of synthetic fibers. If you have been considering the purchase of new flooring it could be in your best interest to take a look and some natural rugs and runners. The next few paragraphs will explain several of the natural fibers that are available and there benefits when used for rugs. A few of the materials that will be covered are sisal, wool, jute, bamboo, and sea grass. Also mentioned are some cheap places where natural rugs and runners are available.


Natural Sisal Rugs and Runners


Sisal fiber is a product of the Agave plant a type of cactus that grows in African, South, and Central America. Grown on sisal farms the plant prefers dry desert climates. The farming of sisal has taken place for well over a hundred years and continues to grow to this day. The purpose of this farming is to obtain the internal fibers of the plant that are cut, dried and woven into rope or twine. The rope and twine are then commonly used to make natural sisal rugs. These products vary in color from a light yellow to a creamy white. The main benefits of natural sisal rugs and runners over synthetic fiber alternatives is the that sisal is naturally stain resistant eliminating the need for protective chemicals, it doesn't build up static electricity, is flame retardant and has sound absorbing qualities. These rugs are also very durable and are good for high traffic areas like hallways. Natural sisal rugs also repel dust so caring for these rugs only takes a vacuum. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing sisal rugs is the fact that they should not be used in areas with high humidity like bathrooms and kitchens. Other than that they make excellent floor coverings.


Natural Wool Rugs and Runners


Wool is another excellent natural fiber used in rug making. Normally combined with other natural fibers like sisal, wool rugs are softer and more versatile than the plant based fibers but remain durable. Like sisal wool is naturally flame retardant, non toxic to pets and people, it is a non allergenic and even purifies the air. Wool rugs even act has a moisture barrier and has a natural resistance to mildew.


Natural Jute Rugs and Runners


The jute fiber has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular fibers in the world, second only to cotton and is also one of the most affordable. Consisting of plant material the jute fiber is one if not the most environmentally friendly fiber produced. The fibers jute is made from are so fine that they are used in the production imitation silk. With all that said it goes without saying that jute is an excellent material for all kinds of applications including rugs. It is a strong and durable fiber that is color and lightfast. All qualities you look for in great flooring. It has excellent sound and heat insulation, has anti static properties and is carbon dioxide neutral.

Natural Bamboo Rugs and Runners


Natural bamboo rugs are some of the most environmentally friendly rugs you can purchase. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and strongest plants in the world making it an excellent candidate for flooring and rugs. A bamboo rug or runner can add so much to the look of any room or hallway and its unmatched durability and ease of cleaning is perfect for high traffic areas. And like the materials mentioned previously bamboo is also naturally flame retardant. Bamboo is durable enough that it is used in indoor and outdoor rugs. With all the ways it can be used you are bound to find a rug that meets your needs.


Natural Sea Grass Rugs and Runners


Of all the natural fibers mentioned in this article sea grass is probably the best for use as floor covering such as rugs and runners. Sea grass not only makes beautiful rugs with its warm colors it is one of the most resilient rug materials. They are durable enough for extremely high traffic areas including busy homes and businesses. Other benefits are that they are non absorbent, stain resistant, anti static, inexpensive, high quality and long lasting. And like sisal dirt doesn't work its way into the fabric and it can be easily swept or vacuumed away. One warning about sea grass rugs when you first unroll them they do have a hay-like scent but it does fade over time so no worries. And one last thing, sea grass isn't resistant to is mold and mildew so keep them away from wet areas like kitchen and baths.