Even the most ancient of civilizations engaged in skin care regimes.  Our ancestors knew the importance of healthy looking skin and they used natural products to take care of it. For instance, it is said that Cleopatra kept her skin soft by taking milk and rose petal baths. In Greece, honey was the remedy of choice to maintain the skin looking younger and subtle. Italians turned to their beloved Olive Oil when it came to taking care of their skin.

Natural Skin Care for Delicate Under Eye Skin 2

Today, the skin care industry is a billion dollar machine dedicated to fabricating products to rejuvenate skin and improve its appearance. The under eye skin, as we all know, is very delicate and a big part of this industry is devoted to developing products and treatments to care for it.  For under eye skin, you need to use a product that nourishes the skin and doesn’t irritate it, preferably one that uses natural ingredients.

One of the most common problems with under eye skin is having dark circles. The dark circles tend to age us more and they make us look tired. In order to treat them, you need to find out what’s causing them. They might be the result of an illness so if they persist, you might need to consider visiting a doctor. Sometimes they are caused by allergies to certain foods or chemicals in your environment. Inadequate sleep is also a common cause of dark circles, so a good night sleep might be all you need. There are also lifestyle factors that can contribute to under eye discoloration such as poor nutrition, excess alcohol consumption, too many caffeinated drinks, cigarette smoking, and lack of exercise.    

One way to rejuvenate and keep your under eye skin soft, is to dip cotton pads in chilled milk and rest them on your closed eyelids for 10 minutes. This will relax your eye skin muscles and keep your skin moisturized. 

Another natural alternative to improve your under eye skin is Orange juice. Besides being a great source for vitamin C, it helps to maintain your skin looking healthy.Natural Skin Care for Delicate Under Eye Skin

Chamomile Tea Bags are a great to get rid of dark circles. You need to soak them in hot water and then rinse them with cool water or put them in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes. Once complete, rest the tea bags on your eyes for about 20 minutes. Green tea is especially good as it contains anti-inflammatories that reduce eye puffiness.

Or, try rubbing Castor oil or Almond oil under your eyes before you go to sleep every night, it will diminish the appearance of dark circles if they are caused by a pigmentation problem.

Whatever cream, oil or gel you use to care for your under eye skin, it’s good to gently massage it into the desired area because this will relax your muscles and activate your circulation. When massaging the under eye area, remember to do it with a movement always down to up.