Natural Sleeping is Essential

Natural sleeping is sleeping the way humans are evolutionary meant to- this way rest time is optimized. Sleep is precious, but nowadays sleep is hard to come by. Napoleon Bonaparte, Edison and Franklin got by on only four hours of sleep a day. It seems that  success and sleep have an inverse relationship and rest is usually the first thing to be cut from your schedule. But is that really optimal?

You need sleep. Long term sleep deprivation results in raised cortisol levels, which stresses the body and will wake you up in the middle of the night. Increased cortisol levels have a multitude of unwanted consequences, like extra belly fat, unneeded stress, and adrenal fatigue. Natural sleeping fixes these unnecessary problems and the guidelines below will definitely help you become healthier, more productive, and more vibrant. What I call natural sleeping can be broken down to three parts.

First, you need to be sleeping at the right time. This is actually much earlier than you would expect- sleeping at 8-10 PM is optimal. Humans are NOT nocturnal, and are evolutionary adapted to sleeping when it gets dark. When the sun starts setting, so should you. The “biological clock” is based on the natural circadian rhythms of our body. This means that our bodies naturally shut down as it get dark.

If your sleep schedule was disrupted and you need help sleeping earlier, before considering sleep supplements, I would recommend this technique to help you easily normalize your circadian schedule.

Let’s say you go to sleep at 1 AM every day, and now want to start sleeping earlier.Do not go to bed at 8 PM, because you most likely won’t fall asleep. Instead, just do not sleep for the entire day. Then, by 8 PM the next day, you will be so tired that sleeping will come very easily. The next day, your body should be slightly more adapted to sleeping at 8 PM, and you will fall asleep earlier. From then on, go to bed at 8 PM every day, and keep it consistent.

If this doesn’t help, and you’re still having trouble, now consider sleep supplements. Again, because I stress natural sleeping, I do not recommend taking sleeping pills unless you ABSOLUTELY have to. The sleep supplement I recommend is the Natural Calm Sleep Supplement . It is a natural, non-addictive sleep supplement which helps you relax. Natural Calm is recommended by many natural health experts as a good supplement without the harmful substances found in conventional sleeping pills. Many, including me, have found much success in taking this sleep supplement daily.

Natural Calm Natural VitalityCredit: Amazon

Second, you need to be sleeping the right amount. This means at least 8 hours daily.

Third, you need to be sleeping in the right enbironment. It should be completely dark to the point that you can’t see your hand in front of your face. When it is completely dark, this allows the pineal gland to release the natural sleep aid melatonin. However, because of the external sources of light like streetlights, I strongly recommend getting Blackout Curtains especially for people who are having trouble going to sleep. Even if you don’t have trouble sleeping, blackout curtains usually result in a better rest in general because they keep your room completely dark. That said, please shut off your computer AND your cell phone before bed because using these will also make it harder for you to fall asleep.

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Sleep is extremely important and should not be sacrificed unless you absolutely have to! Follow these recommendations of natural sleeping and you will be sleeping better in no time. Sweet dreams.