Handcrafted, Organic Soap Making

Handmade all natural soaps are a great alternative to industrial brands.  This natural homemade soap can be made from simple recipes and with organic soap making supplies.  There are a number of varieties, including vegan soaps, olive oil soaps, and others.

Vain or not, soap is an everyday bath item we use every day to lather ourselves clean and even tobeautify our skin and provide it with the nutrients that it needs. If you haven’t heard of natural soapsyet, well, they’re the most efficient soaps with the most number of benefits for your skin since and arecompletely different from other commercialized soaps that contain harsh chemicals and eventuallydamage our body. Who would want to use soap that will do more bad than good?

Why go natural?
Since most of us use soap everyday for our bathing needs, it is one of the most important products thatwe should go natural on. Natural soaps are made of natural ingredients, hence the name, and are notharsh on the skin. They are composed of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes which all havea purely nourishing effect on our skin. These ingredients pamper and nurture the skin by moisturizingnaturally, fighting dryness and dehydration and combating signs of aging.
Natural soaps are bursting with freshness, ultra moisturizing and often contain mild, scented, realessential oils that give more benefits than the usual corporate soap in grocery stores. They do notcontain the chemicals, detergents and additives usually present in the manufacture and processing ofthese products, and are thus not harmful to the body.

“Fake” soap is mostly synthetic. Check out the ingredients of soaps during your next session at thegrocery mart and see for yourself. Although the effects of synthetic soap cannot be immediatelyobserved, extensive use will usually lead to dry and unhealthy skin. These soaps are usuallylabeled “beauty bar” or “moisturizing bar” because they do not qualify as soap by law.
Natural soaps are sure to provide much better skin care compared to their commercial counterparts.

Soap and therapy?
There effects of natural soaps are not only skin deep. Natural soaps will usually have essential oilsblended with them to achieve further and heightened skin benefits.
Mixing herbal essences and essential oils for aromatic soap therapy has been proven to have wonderfuland amazing effects against stress and anxiety, insomnia and leg pain. Soap therapy with naturalingredients, of course, still provide invigorating, soothing, calming and healing effects to the skin,making it dual purpose. Tea tree oil or sulfur also gives your natural soaps a natural anti-bacterial oranti-fungal property to make it effective against acne and eczema. Now, helping your body relax whilecleansing is promising and achieving all this is possible with natural soaps.

Why not make your own?
Making natural soaps allows you to control the ingredients you put in. Also, it lets you choose the scentwhich best pleases you. Pure and natural soap is perfect for those who have sensitive skin and thosewho simply want to give their skin the best with their own unique creation.

There are a wide variety of means and recipes in making your own natural soap. Soap making is anart in itself because it is fun to do and gives you the opportunity to experiment on your own naturalingredients to come up with the best one that suits your skin’s needs.

Making your own natural soap can be done by using the cold process, the melt and pour process and thehot process, all of which are surprisingly easy and fun to do. Although it takes time and a lot of trial-and-errors to come up with the right formulation, all you really need is the patience and determination tomake the best for your skin.

For this procedure, the equipment you need are containers, mixing bowls, a wooden spoon, boilingpot, molding trays and clean cloths. The ingredients you need are water, lye, base oils or fats, additivesmost preferably in the form of pure essential oils, coloring if you wish to have colored soap, and extraenhancers such as glycerin, vitamin E or exfoliants. All this will depend upon your personal preferenceand they are very available in your local supermarket or stores.
Making your own natural soaps not only ensure that you get the best for your skin, it also helps you todiscover and experiment the art of soap making.
Natural soaps are amazing creations and can definitely be made by your own hands. They are MotherNature’s essence and are thus blessed gifts that make our skin feel good and look good. The healthbenefits of natural soaps are undeniable and will surely make you realize that using commercial barsthey call “soap” is never a substitute.