Peripheral Neuropathy Diet

Peripheral Neuropathy is a degenerative nerve condition.  It typically affects the extremities most, starting with the feet on both sides of the body.  Two main causes of neuropathy are mainly structural and metabolic. 

The structural type of neuropathy deals primarlily with impigment of the nerves coming out of the spinal column.  This is generally a product of the nerves being stressed from body imbalance.  When the body is out of balance, it causes stress on the nerves, particularly in the neck and low back which can contribute numbness, tingling, pins and needles sensations into the extremities.   Getting evaluated by a properly trained upper cervical chiropractor can greatly help with this type of neuropathy. 

The other more prominent cause of neuropathy is metabolic, which is due to the habits of the standard American diet.  Poor dietary choices, including large daily amounts of high glycemic carbohydrates over a prolonged period of time are the main culprit.  Eating these foods over time causes blood sugar imbalances in the form of hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, and eventually diabetes to develop. 

The large amount of glucose filled blood circulating through the body causes capillaries at the ends of the extrimities to not be able to circulate enough oxygen carrying blood to the tissues, cells and nerves of the extremities.  A dietary overhaul is the best starting point and solution to this condition.  This should include a diet consisting mostly of green leafy vegetables. The easiest way to incorporate more greens into your diet is to plan meals around salads.  An easy way to get your daily amount of fruit is to have it for breakfast in the morning or to add it to a Nutritional Shake.  Add rice or lentils to a green salad to get more greens in the meal. 

Structure meals around salads because they are central to a peripheral neuropathy diet.  To do this, keep the following tips in mind:  

1. Shop twice a week for fresh produce.  A majority of leafy greens have a refrigerator shelf life of 4-5 days.

2. First buy produce, becuase it is the most important food.  Shopping for produce will help you avoid junk food and get the most for your money.

3. Ask while shopping, “How will this go with a salad.” Try to think of preparing all foods as something that will go into a salad or alongside it.

By putting these rules and changes into play, after a certain period of time, neuropathy symptoms will decrease because blood sugar start to balance.  Extremities will get the oxygen rich blood they need to heal.

Natural Solutions to Peripheral Neuropathy