Ways to heal naturally for eating disorders

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Natural non-medical treatments for eating disorders.

Deciding on an eating disorder treatment can be very overwhelming.  There are so many 'new age' treatments and way too many medications with side affects to those medications. While recovering from an eating disorder is the most important factor, the way people choose to recover has a lot to do with the chance of permanently recovering from their eating disorder without relapse. 

Here are a few natural alternatives that have been known to treat eating disorders with just as much of a chance for full recovery, minus the side affects and dependency.

  • Therapy Sessions and Counseling.  Never rule out the power of talking about the true factors of an eating disorder.  Sometimes, talking about it is the best solution and can open eyes for many people as to how and why they began to develop an eating disorder in the first place.  It doesn't have to a 'professional' therapist in order to heal. Talking about what triggers feelings, thoughts and actions caused by the eating disorder can be very therapeutic and help understand why one has the illness. It also helps to talk about it out loud without shame, guilt or judgment.
  • Learning Proper Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyles.  Another common reason many people cannot truly ever recover from an eating disorder may be caused to poor education on proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. It's important to sit down with a professional doctor and talk about the nutritional needs of your body and how to eat healthy. Doctors can give you an accurate eating guide as to what nutrition your body needs and why. This can help many eating disorder patients develop a new healthy lifestyle change without ever having to take medications or use professional help. Many eating disorder develop solely on the fact that they were never taught proper nutrition in the first place.
  • Support Groups.  Support groups are one of the best ways to recover from an eating disorder naturally.  By talking to other people with the same problem, many come to realize they are not alone, that it's a real illness that others have, and feel no judgment or shame about speaking openly about it. Some eating disorder patients are in denial of their actual problem and refuse to believe that it is truly a problem, by using group therapy and relating to others experiences can make others realize their own issues. Many think that normal friends and family would not understand their confessions and thoughts on the subject.  This is why a support group can make all the difference in treatment.