Natural Teeth Whitening Tips

Some ideas for brighter teeth...

As we age so do our teeth, no matter how well we look after them they do age like any other part of our body. The chief problem is discolouration many of the and things we drink can cause the teeth to discolour and make us look not at our best. Smoking also whilst also being unhealthy has a bad effect on the appearance of our teeth because of the way that additives and other staining elements are absorbed into the enamel of the tooth.

There are many ways to return the new and pristine appearance to your teeth - the self administered route or professional treatments by an Orthodontic Technician, Hygienist or Dentist. Home tooth whitening kits are available but generally frowned upon by those in the professional health community.

The first step to whitening teeth must be prevention - take a good honest look and ask if the reason for your less than perfect dentition could be something you eat drink or smoke. Try and eliminate strong coffee, soda drinks & colas, artificial colourings and nicotine as much as possible.

There are however more natural holistic ways and habits to get into which can improve the appearance of your  teeth, here are some ideas to consider...

BAKING POWDER: when used weekly or when added to toothpaste when brushing can act as a more effective and milder cleansing agent.

CRUSHED STRAWBERRIES: contain mild amounts of Malic Acid a naturally occuring though sour chemical present in nature. Mixed with a little Bicarbonate and used sparingly (certainly not every day) creates an effective combination.

APPLES, CARROTS & CELERY: are excellent foods to nibble on, their fibrous structure acts as a mild abrasive and has a marvelous cleansing effect.

LEMON JUICE, MALT VINEGAR with water as a mouthwash can dislodge debris and clean the cracks between the teeth  but be sure to wash away all traces afterwards with water.

BANANAS: when pulped and mixed with a little dessicated coconut are not only a gentle and natural tooth cleansing combination but taste delicious to! A great idea for children.

None of this should be taken as a substitute for a regular dental checkups and if you do have any concerns tell your dentist right away.


A natural tooth cleanser

Credit: Open Source Clip Art