It is a very painful condition that causes inflammation and redness in the affected-joints. The most common place for gout to strike is the big toe -- it is considered to be a form of arthritis. It is also commonly referred to as gouty arthritis. Gout is caused by excess uric acid in the body which form into a hardened state in a joint. Uric acid is usually excreted from the body through urination. People who have a family history of gout are more likely to develop gout. There are other factors that put you at risk for developing gout such as being overweight, thyroid disease and disorder, lead exposure, an enzyme defect, the types of food you eat, high blood pressure, recent surgery and other less common medical conditions.



Great pain in a joint

Red, shiny skin seemly stretched over the affected-joint


Low grade fever

See your doctor immediately if you have a fever and or chills. There are many natural treatments for gout symptoms, always check with your doctor before using them. Always seek treatment for gout. If gout is not treated it can cause a permanent injury to the affected-joint.

Natural Treatment 


Take a stinging nettle supplement to reduce the amount of uric acid in your bloodstream. Sting nettle aids in kidney function which can help the body flush out excess uric acid. Stinging nettle is available at health food stores, natural pharmacies and online.

Take a folic acid supplement. Folic acid slows down the production of uric acid. Folic acid can also be taken as a preventative.

Add flaxseed oil to your diet. Flaxseed oil naturally reduces joint inflammation.

Drink coffee. Coffee depletes the body of uric acid which causes gout. Regular or decaffeinated coffee has the same benefits. Avoid using cream, half and half or regular milk. Fat free non dairy creamers are best or low fat milk.

Eat dark colored fruits such as blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and especially cherries. All of these fruits tend to lower uric acid levels in the blood stream, but cherries are the most beneficial.

Avoid alcohol. Alcohol can increase the pain and severity of gout.

Rest and elevate the affected-joint as much as possible. Continuing with your regular daily activities can cause damage to the affected-joint. The more you can rest it, the better for you.

Take an over the counter pain reliever such as Advil or Motrin to reduce joint pain and swelling.

Increase your water intake to help flush toxins out of your body. Drink at least 8 - ounces glasses of water per day.

Avoid foods associated with gout such as any animal organs, sardines, anchovies, roe, herring and other rich foods.

Keep a food diary. Write down everything you eat and when you have gout flare ups. Avoid the foods that seem to trigger your gout symptoms.