There was a time when there were no modern day antibiotics and cleansers available in the market and people used to depend on natural ways to cure acne. There are so many natural treatments to cure acne but many people do not even think of acne natural cure. However, most of the commercial acne products are harsh on the skin and trying them one by one to find the one suitable for your skin could cost a fortune. Many natural methods to cure acne involve the use of herbs, the same herbs which are used in modern day acne treatments available in the market. You will be surprised to know that many items from your kitchen can be used to quickly diminish acne and related symptoms.

Since there are many natural ways to treat acne, the important thing is to find the one which suits your skin type. The only way to find the natural acne remedy for you is to experiment and see what works. Here are some natural home organic acne treatment recipes and herbs which are easily available and are very powerful in fighting the acne bacteria.

Natural Home Remedies to fight Acne:
A lime and milk compound is very effective in clearing blackheads off your face. Get a glass of milk and bring it to a mild boil, add juice of half of a lime and let milk to cool down to room temperature. Your natural face wash is ready to fight those blackheads and acne scars. You can further cool down the compound by putting it in fridge before applying. Apply it gently all over your face and wash it with fresh water after 15 minutes.

Potato has natural alkaline in it which is a very good natural agent in removing whiteheads from your skin. Potatoes are also very rich in vitamin C which makes your skin look fresh and glow. Applying raw potato on your skin not only will fight the acne bacteria but will help remove the dead skin off your face. Using raw papaya also produces similar effects.

Here are some herbs which are very good in getting rid of acne and acne scars:

Red Clover as a Natural acne treatment:
Red Clover has Iso-flavones in it which works like estrogen which improves the genetic hormonal imbalances in your body to cure acne. Red Clover is a long trusted herb and is used to deal with wide range of skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. It is also available in capsules form and as a tea making it very easy to consume for treating acne.

Capsicum for fighting acne:
This herb helps in proper circulation of the blood to every part of your body including face. This composition of capsicum promotes the blood to the skin which provides required oxygen and nutrients resulting in better defense from acne and body pimples. Capsicum is very rich in vitamin A which is proven natural acne treatment for acne. This herb also comes in capsule form for ease of consumption.

Trefoil as a Natural acne remedy:
This herb is very rich in a number of vitamins which are essential in keeping your body healthy. Trefoil or Alfalfa contains Vitamin A, C, E & K. It contains natural antioxidants to clean your body from free radicals and keeps your skin healthy. This herb is also available in tea and capsule form for ease of consumption.

Natural Acne skin Moisturizers
Almond oil is the best natural moisturizer to hydrate your skin after the use of any natural skin cleanser. Making almond moisturizer is very easy and can be made by grinding 8 to 10 almonds with just little quantity of water to get the grind in a paste form. Apply this paste on your face for few minutes after using any natural cleanser and then wash it gently with fresh water. You will feel the drastic smoothness and fresh look of your skin.

One important thing to remember while adopting natural ways to cure acne is that natural skin care products do not use preservatives, so you must store them in a fridge and consume them in a day or two. These natural skin care products start to spoil very quickly and can be very harmful for your skin in that state and even make your acne problem worse.