Beauty is a concept which is common to both men as well as women these days. There was a time when it was believed that beauty is a concept which is exclusively reserved for women, but the trend has changed completely these days. There are many beauty parlors for men also which are working far and wide the globe today. So let us see the important basic fashion designing tips and beauty tips that work for both men as well as women.

The most important secret behind beauty is the beauty of skin. This is the first and foremost thing that everyone should know well. Skin color may be varied in different persons, ranging from white to black, but the color of skin is not important in beauty tips. There are many people who are dark skinned but still regarded as beauties in the world. Let us see the importance of natural color in beauty secrets.

The most important thing that one should remember is that the skin should maintain its natural color. Maintaining the natural color of skin is not easy. There are many different factors which affect the natural beauty of skin. The most important factor is sunlight. UV rays are getting filtered into the atmosphere these days in large quantities and they affect the color and beauty of skin to a great extent. So you should be very careful while dealing with skin related problems. You have to use proper sunscreen lotions and creams to protect your skin from UV rays.

Vitamin D is another important factor which is responsible for healthy skin. So expose your skin to light sunshine in the early morning for a few hours. That will help your skin to manufacture Vitamin D and that helps the skin to maintain its beauty. There are many other minerals and vitamins which are required for maintaining the beauty of skin and they are all supplied by food. So consume enough fruits and vegetables daily so that they help to maintain the luster of the skin.

Water is another important factor which helps you to maintain the beauty of skin. Everyday at least 3-4 liters of water is required for maintaining the beauty of skin. So drink as much water as possible and always ensure that you drink the most hygienic water available. That increases the luster of the skin and maintains its natural color and beauty.

Acne is a factor which affects the beauty of face. The most important thing that you have to remember to remove acne from your face is avoiding junk food as much as possible. Junk foods are always bad for health. They are full of calories and the oil present in them gives rise to acne on the skin. So always avoid using them in your food. Once again fruits and vegetables are the best remedies for such skin problems.

Another factor which determines the beauty of a person is the beauty of hair. Hair is the most important thing in maintaining the beauty of a person. In order to maintain the beauty of hair, you have to use some hair oil. The most important problems related with hair are premature graying of hair, split hair and hair fall. All these problems can be solved by using some proper hair oil. There are many different hair oils which are used for solving these problems. They are Argan hair oil, coconut oil, sesame oil etc. they provide a silky appearance to the hair and make the hair stronger and more beautiful. Making the hair curly is also another important way of increasing the beauty of the person. There are many techniques for doing this.

Stamina of the body also plays important role in maintaining the beauty of the person. There are different reasons for which the body of a person loses its shape. Excess fat accumulated in the body is the main reason for increase in the weight. Eating a lot of junk food, reducing the intake of dietary fibers, not drinking enough water and eating fatty and oily food are the reasons for accumulation of body fat. That makes the body look completely out of shape and you may feel embarrassed. So reduce the calorie intake and that will bring your body to normal shape.

Having excess fat in the body is dangerous and similarly being at the extremely lower side of weight also makes your body look badly out of shape. If you are below the normal weight range, you look skinny and being zero size is not the right way of being healthy, because zero size is not the sign of being beautiful. So consume enough carbohydrates, proteins and good fats to increase your body weight up to the mark. Never overeat anything. Always eat sufficient quantities of cereals and pulses such as wheat, unpolished rice, ragi etc which are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. They will help to develop muscles and thus you can gain weight in the proper way.

All the above factors contribute to the natural beauty of the person, but in most of the cases the women are not satisfied with natural beauty. They want extraordinary beauty and thus they tend to resort to artificial and manmade beauty products. There are many herbal products such as sunscreen lotion, face cream and many others which help to increase the beauty, but some women try to use chemical products which are very much harmful for the health of the person. It is better to use all natural products as much as possible instead of chemical ones, because chemical products are bad for the health. For example, it is better to replace nail polishes with henna.

There are many natural products which help to maintain the natural beauty of each and every part of the body. Flowers are the best examples for such natural products, because they are the creations of nature which are full of beauty. Products which are extracted from flowers help you to increase the natural glow of your skin and maintain the natural beauty of your body parts.