How To Stop Hair Loss and Increase your Self Esteem

Although there are many causes of hair loss; such as stress, hereditary factors, illness, injuries or simply the normal ageing process; the reality is that hair loss is the single and most important reason of low self esteem at one point or another in our lives. The second after you realise you hairline is receding at a dramatic speed, you will receive one of the greatest socks in your life and while until a few years ago there were not treatments available; nowadays the market offers two very good products to stop hair loss; there are also many things you can do to reduce the baldness patterns.


1.   Stress

Stress plays an important role in hair loss as it triggers the production of a hormone called prolactin; this hormone has the property of making our hair weaker and more susceptible to thinning. Stress during a long period of time will also affect the blood supply to your scalp, making your hair less healthier and producing the dead and less shinny look, eventually the reproduction or replacement of new hair will decrease and the baldness partner will kick off.


2.  Healthy Diet

A diet lacking calories, protein and iron will increase hair loss; altering your diet to include fruit, vegetables and high quality protein like chicken and fish will provide all the nutrients that your hair needs to grow. The iron level considered as normal is 10 but if you suffer from hair loss, you should aim to increase it to 70.


3.  Go Easy on Shampoo

Wash your hair daily to keep it healthy and get rid of the dirt accumulated during the day. Apply a little shampoo to your palms and spread it all over but you have to give a gently massage to stimulate blood flood in our scalp. Be careful when you dry your hair, as it is normally more fragile when wet; try to let it dry naturally.


4.  Keep or Regrow Your Hair with Rogaine

  • Rogaine is the first FDA approved product for hair loss
  •  Scientifically proven to keep the hair you have and regrow new hair
  • It increases the blood flow to the scalp, especially the part that surrounds balding areas
  • It reverses the development of hereditary baldness patterns
  • It dries quickly and looks natural
  • It is cost effective
  • It works by revitalising shrunken hair follicle and increasing their size
  • Available in two different strengths: Regular (2%) and Extra Strength (5%) 
  • The most effective is Men's Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam