Are Natural Weight Gain Pills a Scam or Effective?

Although a significant percentage of the population Pillsstruggles trying to lose weight, there are some individuals who struggle to gain any weight. Unfortunately, it can be just as difficult and unhealthy being underweight as it is being overweight. Weight gain can be desired for a variety of reasons including health, aesthetic, or athletic performance. And if you are someone who is struggling to gain some pounds the idea of simply popping a pill to help add on the weight is certainly enticing, but do natural weight gain pills actually have any effect?

In short, the answer is unfortunately no. Weight gain pills are not effective and are arguably a waste of money. Ultimately, weight gain comes in the form of water retention, fat, or muscle mass. You can increase fat deposits by having a caloric intake above what your body is expending every day. If you are looking to increase muscle mass it is done by having a caloric surplus and with strength training to stimulate muscle growth. Most weight gain pills allege to work by increasing your appetite so that you consume more calories or by slowing down your metabolism so that you need to consume fewer calories, making gaining weight easier.

However, if you look at the nutritional label and examine the ingredients of many weight gain pills you will often find that weight gain pill contents are quite similar to those of many multivitamins. The biggest difference many times is that they simply cost significantly more. It is important to note that weight gain pills are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) like prescription pills. Weight gain pills are classified as dietary supplements and fall under a different, less stringent set of regulations. Typically, manufacturers do not need to prove that their product is safe or effective before they begin producing and selling it, though the FDA will take action after a product is on the market and has been shown to be unsafe for consumers. On dietary supplements and natural weight gain pills, you will usually see something similar to, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease”.

While weight in the form of fat can be gained relatively quickly, muscle mass is added much more slowly. In fact, many of the outrageous claims for gaining pounds of muscle in days are just physiologically impossible. Realistically, someone who is new to training can expect to put on ten to twenty five pounds of muscle in a year. This might not sound like very much compared to the unrealistic advertisements you see in the fitness and diet industries, but it can dramatically change the way that you look.

While weight gain pills are not likely to do any harm they are mostly overpriced multivitamins that are severely hyped up. There is no supplemental over the counter miracle pill for gaining weight or muscle – at least yet. Appetite stimulators do exist but usually as a side effect of prescription pills. If you are looking for proven supplements to aid with weight gain, simply look for those that contain a large number of calories.