Summer is over. Fabulous tan lines will soon go out of trend again as a new season comes. Problem is, you have been exposing yourself under the sun and tanning beds for too long. Don't you know that those are harmful? Equipped with your tanning lotion, you head out to the beach, the parlor, or to a friend's house to get that sun-kissed look. Now, you've been dying to remove that color off you to parade your fair skin but you can't do that easily. No, it won't come off easy. Fortunately, you can once again get your fair skin back without using chemicals and going under the knife. Want to know how? Then read on.

Aging and too much exposure to the sun's harmful rays cause dark brown spots to appear on the skin. Those dark hideous stains on your skin are called melanin. Healthy, glowing skin is replaced with brown spots on the face, arms, hands and legs when too much melanin builds up in the visible layers of the skin. To make the spots quietly disappear, it is best to use a natural whitening skin cream.

There are many recipes in the internet or in magazines that you can create to gently whiten your skin. These recipes are free and are easy to make. Plus, they do not contain harsh chemicals that can permanently damage the skin. Apart from skin creams you can do on your own, there are also all-natural skin creams sold in stores.

Because of certain advancements in technology, manufacturers are now able to create creams which have the same effect and safety that homemade creams have. In the studies the companies conducted, a natural ingredient helpful in removing sun spots is found. This ingredient is called the extrapone nutgrass root. This same ingredient has the capability to slow down melanin formation in face, hands, arms and legs. When tested on human volunteers, melanin formation was moderated and decreased by 40%. After which, the skin of the volunteers improved and spots were even diminished. You can finally say goodbye to creams and lotions which have harsh chemicals.

To care for your skin, you should avoid basking in the sun or using tanning beds. If you ever decide to use a tanning product, be sure that you are armed with the right supplies to care for your skin. There are many options available to get back to your color. You can use natural whitening skin creams which you created or you can buy natural products at the store. The creams you can make are found almost everywhere and are easy to make. For natural products you can buy, choose the product that contains extrapone nutgrass root in it as it is proven to remove sunspots.. If all else fails, go to a dermatologist for proper treatment.

Why use extreme measures such as using hazardous products and going to surgery when you can always opt for natural whitening skin remedies? Go find your remedies and take care of your skin now.