You certainly could argue that we're a society that finds it easier to take a pill than to confront a health problem head on with some common sense management.


But, just because the remedy comes in a pill doesn't necessarily make it a bad choice. Take, for example, vitamin supplements. Many people will jump up, saying emphatically that it's better to obtain your nutrition through your meals.


And, I totally agree. But, I also recognize that there are times that some supplementation in the form of vitamins and minerals can be helpful. After all, your body (and my body) doesn't always operate at its ideal level. This means that, perhaps for some reason -- age or disease or other causes -- you're not getting the optimum amount of vitamins and minerals from your diet.


And, heaven knows the food we eat today -- even the fresh fruits and vegetables -- don't contain nearly the amount of vitamins and other health-giving ingredients that they did 50 even 30 years ago.


Sometimes a multiple vitamin,or other specific vitamin and mineral supplements can provide your body with those essential building blocks of energy that you can't get, for one reason or another, through your diet.


And, that's why I'm suggesting vitamin supplementation. Well, I'm not, in actuality. Many natural health experts as well as many in the conventional medical community really are. All I did was to follow their suggestions and recommendations. I must tell you that my own sinus problems were alleviated greatly when I took their words seriously enough to implement them.


Antioxidants Are Essential


That's the word from more than one health specialist and a host of professional researchers when it comes to helping to cure your sinus problems.


What exactly is an antioxidant? Oh sure, you hear the word bandied about a lot, but few people bother to really describe it. Antioxidants are the substances found in certain vitamins and minerals that help to eliminate "free radicals."


And, what are free radicals? Free radicals are atoms floating in your system that have only one electron. This structure makes the atom unstable. In order to find stability, these atoms then search for an electron to add to its structure.


While this may sound harmless enough, it's quite serious for your health. And, it can cause quite a bit of damage. Free radicals are now believed to be the origin of a number of degenerative diseases, including cancer.


But, free radicals can also damage your immune system. This allows bacterial infections as well as viral infections to take hold. And, we all know that sinus problems accompany these health problems.