The way you live and eat is different from your ancestors.

Your ancestors never imagine constipation to be a major health issue. They eat more vegetables and they do manual work. That is why constipation is not such a problem at that time.

However, most of the people in the city eat more meat than vegetables. Hardly anyone is working manual tasks now.

The sedentary lifestyle together with bad dieting habits is causing chronic constipation.

What are the natural remedies for constipation?

1. Acidic fruits

Acidic fruits are good for getting rid of constipation. When you have the problem of chronic constipation, you do not feel like eating much.

In this case, you can take acidic fruits for your meal. The dietary fiber and the vitamins of the fruits will help you get rid of waste material from the body.

Bear in mind that fruit juice does not have as much dietary fiber as eating whole fruits. You should eat the skin of the apple and pear as well.

Watermelon is a good choice if you cannot stomach too much acidity in the body.

2. Liquid

You should take in more fluid in the form of water. If you find the water too plain and tasteless, you can drink herbal infusion such as peppermint tea, rosehip tea and other flowers tea.

You should avoid tea and coffee since they can dehydrate the body. You need to avoid sugary beverages.

3. Stair climbing

Many people have the embarrassing experience of looking for toilet when they are on a hiking trip.

They cannot seem to get rid of waste prior to the start of the hike. Ten minutes after they start the hike, they need the toilet.

Many marathoners face the same problem.

Exercise is a natural remedy for constipation. When you get in enough exercise, you will find that the urge to go toilet is strong.

The best exercise for getting rid of constipation is stair climbing. When you are moving up the stairs, you can not just exercising the leg muscles. You are exercising the muscles around the abdominal area.

4. Avoid sitting too long

Sitting too long causes constipation. If you can avoid sitting too long, you can reduce the risk of chronic constipation.

The problem with working on a desk bound job is the fact that you need to sit for a very long time.

You can mitigate the problem by taking regular short breaks. You can walk to the workstation of your colleague instead of calling him. You can take hourly break to refill your water bottle.

5. Yogurt

Natural yogurt helps to cleanse the colon. You can take yogurt as part of the breakfast. You can take yogurt after dinner.

You can take yogurt beverage instead of soft drink.

The good bacteria in yogurt help to keep the colon healthy, and to aid in digestive process.

6. Avoid chocolate and junk food

When you have having the problem of constipation, eating chocolate is the last thing you should do.

Eating junk food will not help too. The combination of junk food, chocolate and sweet dessert is recipe for disaster.

Constipation is the result of lifestyle and eating habit. While you can never engage in manual work as much as your ancestors did, you can exercise regularly to make up for the lack of physical activities.

While you cannot eat so much fruits, vegetables and whole grains as your ancestors, you can reduce the portion of junk food.