When your thyroid doesn't produce enough hormones, the condition is know as hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism, also known as underactive thyroid, can be managed with natural treatments. Natural treatment for hypothyroidism usually consists of herbal substances, and a hypothyroidism diet. Women over the age of 50 are at the highest risk of developing symptoms of hypothyroidism.

The thyroid gland appears just below the larynx in your throat. Hashimoto's thyroiditis disease is typically the cause of hypothyroidism. They immune system attacks the tissue, causing inflammation. Thyroid hormones are needed to produce throughout the body. The hormones that the thyroid produces, known as T-4 and T-3, help regulate fats, protein levels, calcium abortion, and help provide a regular heart beat. Certain drugs can contribute to hypothyroidism, like lithium. Those who've undergone radiation treatment, can experience with hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism can come from congenital disease. Born defects can be born without a thyroid gland, or a defected thyroid gland. Majority of the states require testing now. 1 in 3,000 infants are born with congenital disease. Women who pregnant can also develop autoimmune disease, which can lead to a defects in born babies. Pregnant women who develop hypothyroidism, need proper treatment in order to avoid a miscarriage, or a defect in the infant.

Blood work will need to be done, to discover if thyroid stimulating hormones are regulated at normal levels. The best natural treatment for hypothyroidism should be done by consulting with your doctor. Conventional treatment of hypothyroidism results in oral prescriptions to help regulate hormone levels. Those who are at risks of hypothyroidism are pregnant women, those with a history of thyroid problems, diabetics, and adults over the age of 50. Men and women of these conditions should get checked regularly.

Hypothyroidism symptoms can result into fatigue, depression, insomnia, joint pain, weight gain, brittle nails, dry skin, hoarse voice, sore throat, and irregular menstrual periods. The metabolism in your body starts to slow down more. Symptoms of hypothyroidism can go unnoticed. High cholesterol, and heart disease can result from hypothyroidism. Natural treatment for hypothyroidism consisting of herbal supplements should be consulted with your doctor. Natural treatment for hypothyroidism should be combined with prescribed treatment.

Green tea: Green tea helps speed up the metabolism in the body. It can assist in weight loss, along with contributing to lowering cholesterol and lowering high triglycerides in the blood. Green tea contains a good amount of flouride. Flouride can help protect against osteoporosis, which can develop from hypothyroidism. Too much flouride can cause problems though. Flouride can replace iodine, especially if there is iodine deficiency. Green tea can help prevent against heart disease, and some of the health conditions that hypothyroidism can lead to.

Green tea should definitely be consulted with your doctor as a natural treatment for hypothyroidism, since you don't want flouride to replace iodine in your body. The body still requires iodine. Iodine is needed to provide thyroid hormones. So green tea itself shouldn't be considered helpful in treating hypothyroidism, but more so to help with weight loss, high blood pressure, lower high blood sugar levels, fatigue, and other things that can come from hypothyroidism.

Virgin Coconut oil: Coconut oil speeds up the metabolism and provides more energy as well. Coconut oil, although high in saturated fats, contain a very rare medium-chain fatty acid, known as lauric acid. Virgin coconut oil can prevent heart disease, lower blood sugars, and lower high cholesterol. An increased metabolism is needed for those suffering from hypothyroidism.

Iodine: Iodine deficiency can lead to hypothyroidism. Iodine is used to produce thyroid hormones. Iodine produces the two hormones known as triiodothyroine (T3), and thyroxine (T4). Humans can't survive without iodine. More than 1 gram of iodine should not be taken. Iodine supplements used for natural treatment for hypothyroidism should be consulted with your doctor first. Iodine foods can consist of milk, strawberries, cheese, kelp, egg, and yogurt.

Eat foods high in minerals and vitamins: Mineral deficiency of magnesium, potassium, copper, iron, manganese, or other minerals sometimes happens from hypothyroidism. Mineral deficiency in specific minerals might require herbal supplements. Vitamins are also important for the body. Eat lots of green leaf vegetables, and plenty of fruits. Natural treatment for hypothyroidism consists of diets that contain a high amount of fruits and vegetables. Foods that are high in minerals and vitamins that the body requires.

Calcium: The hormone known as calcitonin helps produce calcium in your body. Calcium deficiency can become common from hypothyroidism. Good bone production is required from calcium. Those who have developed calcium deficiency, should consult their doctors about taking calcium supplements. Drinking more milk, and eating salmon is another way to get more calcium into your diet.