Getting natural treatment for periodontal disease can be done at the comfort of your home. Periodontal disease, known as gingivitis, causes inflammation to the gums. Gingivitis is caused from poor oral hygiene food substances, smoking, and alcohol. A weak immune system also can be causes of periodontal disease. It's important to get periodontal disease treatment right away. Whether that's natural treatment for periodontal disease, or a oral checkup. Gingivitis is caused from bacteria, that form into tartar and plague on your teeth.

Periodontal gum disease risks can be severe, if it goes untreated over a long period of time. Gingivitis starts off as a mild formation of gum disease. It can easily be treated early on, but can develop into a more serious condition when going untreated. The bacteria effects the tooth sockets, and gums of your teeth. Those who have sensitive gums, might be experiencing with gingivitis. Those who don't brush their teeth at least twice a day can be experiencing with periodontal disease. Natural treatment for periodontal disease is usually effective enough in reducing symptoms.

Periodontal disease symptoms include sensitive gums, soft gums, bad breath, and sometimes gums that even bleed. An easy way to figure out if you have gingivitis, is brushing your gums. If you feel pain, and they get dark red, then you have gingivitis. The gums might even start to bleed after brushing. If the bacteria starts to eat at the tooth enamel, then you'll have problems. Mild cases of gingivitis can be treated pretty easily.

Natural treatment for periodontal disease can be simply brushing your teeth more thoroughly. Don't brush so rough. The gums can be sensitive, and sometimes a rough brush can cause pain. A thorough brush should take about 2-3 minutes, not 30 seconds. According to studies, about 80 of American adults have some kind of gum disease. That's a pretty high number, so make sure you're brushing the back, and front of your gums. A better toothpaste, containing strong anti-bacterial properties, along with an antiseptic mouthwash is recommended.

Sage oil: Sage oil has very strong anti-bacterial properties. If sage oil is too strong, then try using clary sage oil instead. You can use essential oils as a mouthwash. Essential oils are anti-inflammatory, and they kill bacteria build up around the gums. Apply about 2 drops into a cold glass of water. Swish around in your mouth for about 30 seconds. Don't swallow, especially sage oil that contains toxins. Then spit.

Honey: Honey has strong antimicrobial properties, that can kill bacteria, fungus, and reduce inflammation. Honey is a very clever and effective home remedy for periodontal disease treatment. All you need to do is apply raw honey to the front, and back of your gums. Especially where you're feeling the most tenderness of the gums. Leave the honey on for about 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Brush your teeth afterwards. You can apply the honey with a tooth brush, then brush with toothpaste afterward. It's probably better to rinse first, since honey is sticky.

Green tea: Drinking green tea can help wash away food particles, along with providing strong anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The combine antioxidants and properties make green tea an effective natural treatment for periodontal disease. Green tea is rich in antioxidants like catechins, that help fights off bacteria, fungi, and microorganisms in the body. You should always drink after you eat, so food particles don't build up in your gums, and teeth. Avoid drinking lots of sugar substances like pop. Drinking water is recommended to help wash away for particles and toxins.

Virgin coconut oil: Virgin coconut oil is rich in a saturated fat called lauric acid. Coconut oil is a food, but provides no harmful side effects. Virgin coconut oil can naturally heal pain, and kill off harmful properties like bacteria. Brush your teeth with coconut oil. That's right! The lauric acids and antibacterial properties in coconut oil make it an effective natural treatment for periodontal disease. Still use toothpaste, but do a brush with coconut oil first. Coconut oil will help reduce bad breath as well. It will also fight off any gum infections.

Lemon Juice: If you're experiencing severe pain, then try lemon juice. Lemon juice makes for an effective natural treatment for periodontal disease, but might sting a bit. Maybe its best to dilute a few drops into a small glass of water, then swish around in your mouth. Otherwise the citrus might be too strong, but lemon juice will help in reducing inflammation. A good amount of vitamin C is found in lemon juice. You can combine some strawberries in a food processor, apply a few lemon drops, then brush your teeth with the strawberry/lemon juice paste.

Peppermint oil: Peppermint is known as a anti-microbial oil, which can be successful in eliminating a lot of different types of bacteria. Peppermint oil when used to treat gum disease, can be very effective in maintaining a healthy oral hygiene. You can look for peppermint toothpastes, which are used to help cure bad breath, and prevent gingivitis. Peppermint oil can be brushed on your teeth and gums, then rinse with cold water afterward. Peppermint gum and mints are recommended in severe case of gingivitis. The antioxidants in peppermint oil can provide a healthier oral hygiene, and prevent bad breath.

Eat antioxidant foods: Antioxidants can help eliminate free radical attack. Poor nutrition can lead to a bad oral hygiene. Food to eat when suffering from gum disease should be fruits and vegetables. Recommended vitamins to get into your diet are vitamin A, C, and E. Minerals provide a strong enamel, and roots in the teeth.

Talk to a dentist if periodontal disease symptoms continue to get worse. Within a few weeks, using these home remedies, you should notice a significant difference. However, if you've developed a gum infection, then you'll need to see a dentist for treatment.