Organic Granola Cereal

High Fiber Breakfast Helps Prevent Constipation

Best Granola Cereal Ever Pumpkin Flax Natures Path

Pros of Eating Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Cereal

Gluten Free, High Fiber Granola

  • Certified Organic cereal that tastes great. It does not have any additives. Non GMO.
  • High in fiber.  Healthy way to reduce sugar intake and make positive dietary changes.
  • 450 mg Omega-3 fatty acids, 1500 mg Omega-6 fatty acids, otherwise known as the good fat you want in your diet. 
  • People who do not like pumpkin do like Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax granola. 
  • Gluten free
  • Kosher ingredients; including rolled oats, brown rice flour, pumpkin seeds, and flax seeds, 100% wheat free

Cons of Eating Nature's Path Granola

  • Cost.  Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola cereal is over-priced at some stores, for example, Safeway and QFC.  To save money on Nature's Path granola buy it in bulk rather than in the box.  Fred Meyer has it on sale frequently.  Trader Joe's and Costco also sell it at cheap prices.
  • Serving Size.  Granola cereal is not usually recommended because it has a lot of calories.  Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola cereal is made from organic ingredients, so you are not getting extra sugar and calories like from other granolas.  Measure and eat one serving size of Nature's Path granola to control calories.  Find a smaller bowl and designate it your breakfast bowl.  Filling a small bowl is better than filling a big bowl.  People tend to over-eat because they don't pay attention to serving sizes.

Full Review

Nature's Path Granola Cereal

Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Granola cereal is the best cereal ever. A friend brought some on a weekend visit several months ago and now most of my family eats it. Granola cereals are not really my favorite because it seems too hard to chew. Small pebbles are not my idea of a good breakfast cereal. The pumpkin flax granola by Nature's Path is chewy, but not hard to chew, doesn't hurt or cut my mouth, and is even still good if it sits in the milk too long (seriously!)

Using coconut milk is an excellent alternative for those with dairy intolerance. The best milk on pumpkin flax granola is a non-dairy coconut milk. So Delicious coconut milk is a low calorie, non-dairy, soy free milk option. The So Delicous coconut milk comes in original and vanilla. Coconut milk makes the cereal even better. You can find $1 off coupons for So Delicous coconut milk on their website. Dowload the coupon popup because it is a printable So Delicious coupon. You can mix Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola with yogurt and eat it raw for a healthy snack. Pumpkin flax granola cereal is now a staple in this house.  Amazon is a good place to buy Nature's Path granola.  Use their subscribe and save program to save 15% off of the total price. 

The health benefits of coconut oil and coconut milk are many. Coconuts are a great product to use if you are trying to lose weight. Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid making it an invaluable source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Cooking with coconut oil is another alternative and tastes good.

Fiber Helps Constipation and Helps Lose Weight

Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola cereal has fiber from the flax seeds.  The average diet is severely lacking in fiber causing weight gain, constipation, and other problems.  Adding fiber to the diet helps people lose weight and relieves constipation, as long as you are drinking water, too. Fiber curbs hunger because it makes you feel full longer, something important for weight loss. Eating fiber with breakfast can prevent snacking during the day. Eating Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola starts the day with fiber.  Use raspberries to make a high fiber smoothie to help increase weight loss.  Follow the green smoothie recipe or the high fiber smoothie recipe for an excellent smoothie.  Do not buy smoothie mix from the store, Jamba Juice, McDonald's or other places that are not using fresh fruit and vegetables to make it.  The fresh vegetables and fruit smoothies have fiber and natural sugar, so they taste good.  Rotate the smoothies and Nature's Path organic granola cereal to prevent burn out. 

Finding ways to eat healthy and lose weight is something that most folks want. Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola cereal makes a good snack.  Add it to Mountain High Yogurt to create a high protein snack food.  Eat Nature's Path pumpkin granola for breakfast or as a snack.  It is a good alternative for those trying to eat healthy, increase fiber, lower cholesterol, and change their diet. Weight loss is hard, especially once you are overweight and frustrated.  But, there is always hope to restore the body to a healthy weight.

Overweight folks are not the only ones who need to replace their unhealthy snacks. A thin, height and weight proportionate person can have dangerously high cholesterol levels. Restrictive diets do not usually work long term, plus they lead to sugar and caffeine withdrawals. The best way to lose weight is to watch portions, drink water, add fiber, replace high sugar foods, watch portions, and exercise.  These changes also lower cholesterol. Statins and other cholesterol reducing medicines are over-prescribed. If your cholesterol is high look at your diet before popping a pill because the side effects of statins are dangerous. Eating Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola is a healthy way to add fiber and start to lose weight.  It really is that good.

*This review should not substitute for the medical advice of your doctor. Do your own scientifically based research on the negative side effects of statins.

In Closing

Overall if you are making changes to your diet, Nature's Path organic pumpkin flax cereal is a good place to start. Measure the amount of cereal that you eat. Nature's Path granola is pretty small so a little goes a long way. If you have a "big" bowl of cereal it will fill you up before you think and take you over the serving size. Measuring also helps track calories. Using the same smaller bowl is helpful. Don't forget the coconut milk by So Delicous.

There are great tasting healthy alternatives out there for those who want to eat healthier. Smoothies are another healthy way to add fiber to your diet. Using organic psyllium husks in the strawberry smoothie mix will add good fiber to the diet. Fiber is great. Smoothies are delicious. Nature's Path pumpkin flax granola cereal is awesome. It's nice eating food that tastes good and is healthy, too.