1. Line your front stairs with large pumpkins. This is not only a decoration for you and your family, but also a nice way to welcome visitors. If you make Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween, you can keep them throughout most of fall, as long as they are clean and free of bugs.
  2. Make a wreath for your front door. Firm or plastic berries, young twigs, and colorful leaves are all you need for this arrangement. You can just twist the materials around each other to form the wreath shape.
  3. Another really great idea for a wreath is to spice it up with some gold or silver spray paint. You can purchase large maple leaves, or find some outside, and spray paint them, as well as a few of the branches you use for the wreath. It brings another element to the nature of the wreath.
  4. Fill a glass bowl with acorns and nuts that you find outside. You can always add a few baby pumpkins to the mix for some color, and place it on a ledge or windowsill inside your house.
  5. Look for colorful trees and leaves around your house. Maple and oak are really great choices. If you spray these leaves with Vaseline, moisturizer, or hairspray, they will keep their form longer. You can get them in a variety of colors, or even get fresh green leaves and spray paint them. These can be added to any arrangement (except perhaps the candles) or can stand-alone. String them together with a clear string or floss for a really cool look.
  6. Candles, with their flickering flame and homey scent really give any home a cozy touch to your San Diego dining room set. There are many ways to make your candles work with your nature arrangements, but remember that dried leaves are extremely flammable! They work really well with gourd arrangements or even elevated inside of a hollowed-out pumpkin on your dining room table.