Getaways to Nature Almost not Possible

In our great country we have places to go where one can be surrounded by nature.  Nature and large amounts of land at one point had been set away for us.  During the term of Theodore Roosevelt, is when are land had largely been saved.  Almost all of our National Forests and almost all of our National Parks were created under his term.  Others during his term were trying to take all of this great unique land and use it for private use.  Theodore being the man he was, having such a great interest in nature and outdoors, went the extra mile to save the land.

Saving the land was tough.  Theodore and his chief of Forestry Gifford Pinchot worked for one week straight.  They gathered maps and information on all the available land throughout the whole country.  Quickly they found as much of the land as they could and marked it to be protected for future parks and forests.  The land they saved was in the hundreds of thousands of acres country-wide.  A lot of the land that was set aside was places that Theodore had once hunted and visited that he loved.  He was also able to see these places as very unique and great places where people should also see the way he saw it.

The land that was set aside by Theodore is now visited by millions annually.  This would not have been possible without a president, who did things for the people and their future and not for money.  He once said that he wanted these places set aside so one day when all the land has been built on our grandchildren will have a place to go to, where they can experience nature like he saw it. 

When the day comes where all of our forests are cut down, we will have Theodore to thank for the great places and beautiful land we can visit, that will be treasured and taken care of for generations.  This might be the only land and nature we have left, once we have paved and built on all the other land in the country.  So it’s in everybody’s interest to help protect our land from being built on.  So one day when our kids grow up they can have clean and beuatiful places to visit just like we had.

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