Prenatal Vitamin Reviews are Mixed When it Comes to the Nature Made Brand

Nature Made makes a very popular vitamin brand and claims to sell more prenatal vitamins than any other brand. However, a soaring sales record does not lead to the best prenatal vitamin. In this Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins Review, I consider both what nutritional experts say about what top quality vitamins should have in them and hundreds of individual prenatal vitamin reviews from real moms posting on sites like Amazon and ViewPoints.

Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins Review

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What Real Moms Are Saying

There are many moms who like Nature Made and love the low price of these vitamins, saying they have no complaints with any side effects of the vitamins. However, there is a significant number of pregnant moms who rate the brand low, because they do experience side effects with the vitamins. Moms with delicate stomachs say that the Vitamins aggravate their digestive systems, causing upset stomach and heart burn. Many moms say that if they fail to take the Nature Made with food, they experience moderate to severe nausea immediately after they take the vitamin.

While the number of women complaining about side effects in Nature Made prenatal vitamin reviews is not a majority, the number is significant. However, in comparison, the Best Prenatal Vitamin receives almost zero complaints from women regarding side effects in hundreds of prenatal vitamin reviews.

What the Experts think of Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins

There are certain qualities that the best prenatal vitamins have and not all brands and all prenatal vitamins have what’s needed to be considered top-notch in the eyes of the experts. Here’s how Nature Made Prenatal Vitamins stack up:

Good Things:

Nature Made has enough folic acid and iron. Folic acid is critical to a baby’s brain development and iron ensures pregnant women do not become anemic, which increases the risk of hemorrhage during delivery. Prenatal vitamins, with proper amounts of folic acid and iron are absolutely necessary.

The Nature Made brand contains no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Vitamins certainly do not need to contain any of these unwanted ingredients, but many prenatal vitamins do contain them. It’s a positive that Nature Made does not have these yucky extras.

Not So Good Things

Nature Made is not organic, the best prenatal vitamins are 100% organic and contain no synthetic chemicals or anything unnatural in the ingredients list.

Nature Made prenatal vitamins are not whole foods. This is why so many women experience prenatal vitamin side effects from this brand. Whole food vitamins are complete whole foods in themselves just in compressed form. It’s like eating a mini meal every time you take the vitamins and not upsetting to the stomach in the least.

Nature Made prenatal vitamins are not cold pressed. The best prenatal vitamins are cold pressed during the manufacturing process. Nature Made uses high heat to process their vitamins, which depletes the final product of valuable nutrients and lessens the absorption rate of the vitamins.