Do you really have to pay for something that's free? Yes of course if you plan to use a gym. But to become physically fit is free so why are you paying for a membership? It's fancy, it's shiny and it has chicks so why not? 
With todays ecomony and your constant dates with that one girl that has you spending more than you want to, do you really want to spend another penny on something that could be free? Yes I said free twice now already and it's completley true.
You could save your money towards your kids college funds, or you could save the money for something useful so why bother putting another dime in a multi billion dollar industary? It may seem cheap but someone's getting rich and you're not. 
You can meet your goals without a facility. It doesn't take rocket science, it takes creativity which I understand is robbed from our society. 
A gym facility has everything you need. Showers, benches, machines, organized weights and lots of sweaty men. Almost forgot to mention that lovely women that's focused on her run while being stalked by another man? (wait is that you?). 
So why bother listening to another nutcase that says you don't need a gym membership to meet your goals?
You can meet your goals, and further exceed them without a gym. What? Yes you can! I guarantee it. 
Why? Because without a gym, it's difficult to control the enviroment with the given weather and randomness of different factors like the incline and decline of the ground. That right there changes everything for your workout.
No longer is your run controlled by the treadmills incline and decline, you know you only go incline when you decide it's time. 
That's not a challenge and it's not helping you reach your goals. Without gym equipment you can't decide what "how" your going to do what your about to do. That takes laziness out of the equation. 
Shock your body, you've heard it before because that's what you need to do to get the best results for your fitness goals.
Your body has to adapt constantly to new challenges and you shouldn't have to control the enviroment as the enviroment should control you. 
That will keep your body in shock and guessing as it will be challenged at all different angles. How will you be fit for the end of the world after all?  Do you think when an earthquake is happening and your loved ones faced with danger you're going to be given the option for decline or incline?  yea
Fine that was an extreme example but it was a great example of questioning how fit you really are.
If your body is challenged further with the environment contorlling you, do you think you will be promised better results than a stationary cardio machine? Of course! And I will guarantee it will be a win/win situation for you since you be stronger, faster and overall well-balanced as a trainer. 
What are you suppose to do without a gym membership? Step outside, whether you live in the city or in the country or in the forest or on an island (what else?), you have more options available to you than a gym. 
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Do you have kids? If you don't, get some kids! They are more than useful, they are a training kit. Flip them, toss them, and throw them, you got yourself handy tools for the best of the best goals.


I'm kidding don't do that to them, you love them they are your kids. So you would do anything to protect them right? You need to train for emergency just like how fire drills are performed so no one is lost when a fire is happening.

Tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes volcanoes, mother nature doesn't make it easy for us. But if you ever need to run or carry your kids to safety, how will you ever do it if you are not strong enough to carry any of them?

Sand bags are perfect tools for these kind of situations but it's very rare to find a gym with sand bags unless they are hardcore. That's why you can use your kids.

Do ask them for permission before grabbing them or you will scare them.

Warm up before doing any physical activity to get the blood flowing. You can pick them up and just like dumbbell or barbell shoulder presses in the gym, you can press them for a few repetitions and then while still holding your kid, you can run as if you are running to safety.

Repeat this as many times as you can before getting exhausted. Try it with your lightest kid before going your heaviest. Do have safety in mind and careful where you place your hands on your kids. And don't do it if you or the kid has recently eaten something or you have a mess on your hands!

How is it any different from the gym? Well a human body is not equally weighted from head to toe. So you will not only be challenged with your strength but also your muscle coordination, balance and focus.


That is a prime example of challenging your body to different exercises that are not fixed in a certain motion. It is functional, realistic and you may have to use your trained body for any kind of situation to protect yourself or family.

It is just great to have this kind of power as you will be more dependant on yourself. In the end, it's your health that will benefit from such great fitness.yea

This is the type of training used by the American army and as a result, they are ready for such situations and they are powerfully fit! Of course they have gym facilities as you may have already thought but nothing prepares their fitness levels like functional training


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No Kids? No Problem!

You don't need to be reminded that we all live in random areas with lots of tools at our disposal.


There's no excuse if you live in the country, if you have a farm, you probably workout already but you need to make sure your consistently challenging your body with added weight to make your body adapt again and again.

The secret here is to use your

Use what you have around you. If you live near a playground all you need is yourself and the pull-up bars to come up with 10 different exercises right there and then.

The advantage to this over the gym is that the bars are sometimes on an angle or you have multiple bars to work with so you can use all of them instead of being limited to one. This becomes more challenging to your body and you don't need a gym membership to do so.

You can also work out in the comfort of your own home if you don't wish to do it outside. All you need is a bag that you can fill up sand with (or bottles) and you can fill up the space with sand with as much as you want. Many exercises can be performed with this single tool.

Get Your Creativity Rolling!yea

Read below for tools that you can use for exercises without having to go to the gym and you can sure bet that you will have better results. The only challenge you face is becoming more and more creative in ways to make your body surprised because as you get stronger and faster, you'll need to progressively load more weight.

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Sandbag/Human Body (Kids, Friends, Family)

If your lucky, your kids or friends will let you use them for your workout. You can have them across your back and do squats while you try to balance yourself with the unevenly distributed weight that a sand bag or a body gives.


Your stability and muscle coordination will also be improved with this exercise. As where with barbell squats that you do in the gym is evenly distributed making it easier to balance with. Don't forget you can also use sandbags or bottles filled with sand.

Other exercises you can do: Deadlifts, shoulder press, hold and run, bicep curls. Just don't use your friends after they had dinner.



With the playground, you have a gym right at your convenience and you don't need to buy a membership to use it. You have the monkey bars for pull-up, leg raises or even core exercises that are very advanced and hardcore.

Only people I've seen do this is on YouTube and they have very ripped and jacked bodies. Their abs are unreal!

You also have the steps to do your cardio and different handles for pull-ups which provides a great variety. If it's too easy, have one of your kids or a weighted backpack on your back for added resistance.



The forest is a great place for cardio. It's also easy to get injured if you aren't careful. In the forest, you may have many obstacles that you must watch out for.


This increases your focus and concentration to a higher level than if you were just running on a treadmill.

For the best results, do spend 20-45 minutes doing these exercises while keeping your heart rate up. If you rest for too long, you will not improve as much as you should.

These are real workouts that need focus and determination to complete. With creativity in these exercises and places, you'll have a great way to exercise and greater results than a gym membership.




I haven't looked at stones the same way since I realized you can actually use them for a great workout! I lift it, go overhead press and even squat with them, the possibilities are endless.


And the best part is that it's free! And it's more challenging since the grip isn't fixed and it's very awkward which makes it very realistic. When are you ever going to pick up something in life that resembles a dumbbell, never right? Big stones are a great way to lift and gain muscles while burning fat.

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What Are You Waiting For?

Don't be limited to your workouts to these exercises. No matter where you are, or what the season is, you can always do challenging workouts that will deliver results better than the gym if you do it right.

It's the same principles of progressive loading where you add-on more challenge either by adding weight, repetitions or fewer breaks. Just remember... it's free and anything is possible!