The ancient men were least bothered about their health. What they needed was simple; shelter and food. That's all. But as men started developing they thought of others things too. They thought of pleasure; which unknowingly led them to the kingdom of Science, art, and all other fields that we boast ourselves of. Humans developed more serious ethics than others and hence developed legal rules and legal framework and bound the society too firmly to allow any unethical mischief. When things became more and more suitable and likeable and enjoyable, humans thought of long life, they thought of enjoying the world longer. Finally they became more health conscious. But that's a long way before they actually became aware of health.

But do we actually know anything about health seriously. All we learn is from some TV commercials and from some magazines which are fuller with pictures than information. We show ourselves to be health oriented by blathering with some health related terms, and showing others how much we spend over health products. But are health products the only way to keep ourselves? It might not sound good but we are actually forgetting where we belong, and what belongs to us. We belong to the nature and the nature's direct recourses are the only health products that are effective enough. You might be sniggering at me. Well, you might be also thinking where this ancient hulululu has come from. But the truth is that, nature doesn't advertise and hence the customers who choose nature as their health specialist are a little lower in number, or rather negligible.

One can never feel the beauty of rose without showing it to you. Similarly if you don't put something to test you will never know about its miracles. Nature's miracles are no more miracles to the Indians. They have attempted their best to use it today. A group of people under a saint named Ram Dev has started their mission to show to the world the power of nature. And his fame is increasing like a house on fire.

We are too much concerned of our external looks. We think too much about our skin about our face and etc. But have you ever thought of our internal? Every day you are gulping so much of useless and harmful foods. To be practical we have no concern with nutrition. Some one would rather be concerned with skin nutrition than actual nutrition. Cure is best seen when it's from internal. Our internals are more delicate and we need to care about it more than we care about our externals.

When it comes to health there is always too much to say. But what I wanted to stress on here is the goodness of nature. We came from nature and no one knows us better than nature.