Beautiful sunrises







No matter where you live in the world there are thousands of people taking photos of sunrises and sunsets.  And I believe that if everyone of those  photos taken from different places of the same sunset they would all be completely different.


This photos was of a bird stretching its wings as the tide goes out before sunset

There is something spectacular about photographing a sunrise or sunset.  Every time we have gone away on holidays or travels, no matter whether we stop in a city or in the bush when we stop there is always someone else trying to capture that elusive and best magical photo.


This sunset photo was taken at Dongara Western Australia


We must have literally thousands of sunrise and sunset photos.  So I have chosen a few to showcase from different parts of Australia, one depicting a rainbow of different  colors in the sky.

 Why are sunrises and sunsets red?

How many times have you wondered why sunrises & sunsets are red while you are enjoying these magical and spectacular sun displays.

 After reading many articles on this subject, I think that it happens when small particles floating in the atmosphere scatters light causing both the sunrise and sunsets to go red.

The moon also appears to be red when lower in the sky for the same reason.


You do not have to spend thousands of dollars to capture a lovely photo of a sunrise or sunset.. Just practice.

Old Farmer Sayings

Have you ever heard of the saying “red sky at night is a shepherd delight”. Or ‘’red sky in the morning is a shepherds warning”.

I heard this many times as a child and I believed it to mean the red sky at night meant good weather and red sky in the morning was bad weather.

In actual fact the red sky at night means the setting sun sends its light rays through a higher quantity of dust particles. Which results in high pressure stable air and good weather.

When it is red in the morning it shows that a storm is brewing because a high water content in the atomosphere denotes rain.


Water vapor and dust particles in our atmosphere are good indications of expected weather. Our weather normally moves from west to east and the colors in the sky will depend on the suns rays reflected from the water and dust particles in the atmosphere.

A Sunrise can be so beautiful, then sometimes when you least expect it there are no clouds later in the day so that magic sunset you expected does not show itself. The sun sets after a beautiful sunny day with disappointed photographers waiting with baited breath to obtain one more of natures artistic masterpieces.



sunrise & sunsets Photos

This type of photos would make ideal verse type postcards. Have you ever thought of sending this type of card to your friends or family on special occasions.

Of course the words in these versus would need to suit the occasion that you are intending to convey to the receiver. This was just something I wrote in a couple of minutes to show what I mean.



Take each day as it comes

It sure looks like that storm is brewing over there.  I hope we miss this one as we have gone through some really rough weather of wind, rain and freezing cold mornings.  But that is to be expected as we travel through this magnificent country of Australia, and every day you wake up to another sunrise think yourself blessed that you are there to see it.

If you liked these then if you have a minute you might like these sunset photos that my husband captured one evening which he took 44 shots one after the other within twenty minutes just recently, and they were all different.

Canon EOS Rebel Digital Camera

This one would definitely suit any photographic enthusiast to take beautiful shots.