Here is a new twist on an old theme; nautical baby nursery designs are not just for little boys. I know that many times we associate maritime themes with deep dark blues and rich reds coupled with masculine looking sailboats and tough weathered hardware. And when we think of these elements and these colors, most folks automatically think of boys and sailors. Today, I'd like to introduce a feminine flair to a nautical theme.
Because I love the ocean and hale from a beach town, it seemed only natural to me when thinking up nursery themes to want to include the ocean elements and all that go with it. The problem I had was, I was expecting a little girl but all my choices seemed geared towards boys. In other words, I felt they were too masculine for my taste. My color choices seemed to be blue and red or blue and yellow or blue and white and while these colors are all beautiful, I really wanted to stay away from blue, a color that is too often associated with boys.
Thinking outside the box (a trait I'm pretty good at) I thought of sea foam green. Taking my cues, from nature, I know that green is neither male nor female, it's simply neutral and a perfect choice for what I was going for. Pairing sea foam green on the walls with white wainscoting was just what I needed for the beachy, ocean feel.
For my little girl's baby nursery bedding, I found a great design called Bubbles made by Lambs & Ivy. And while the design does contain some blues, it was not overwhelming and it included coral and my primary design color of sea foam green. This great nursery bedding set came with comforter, bumper, dust ruffle, fitted sheet, diaper stacker and valance but ever thinking outside of the box (remember that quirky trait I have?) I forewent the pre-made valance and opted for my own creative touch.
For window treatments, I creatively used yards and yards of white tulle and wrapped it around a white window curtain rod. The tulle simply reminded me of netting used down on the wharfs and it was perfect for portraying that idea with use of starfish. I simply purchased a package of starfish and place them evenly throughout the netting. Because the room was easterly facing and caught the bright and early morning sun, I added a sea grass type window blind that served as the perfect room darkener.
My final touches were the accessories. Surprisingly, once I got away from the traditional nursery theme of flags, sailboats and nautical stripes, I found that there was a large assortment of ocean and sea life decorations such as whimsical fish and funky octopuses that were really fun and matched my bedding choice.
In the end, I was extremely happy with what I had accomplished in turning a traditional boy baby nursery theme into a calming baby girl nursery.

Baby Nursery Theme